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Disaffiliation Process and Information

The Conference Disaffiliation Policy
The Disaffiliation Policy approved at the 2019 Annual Conference Session sets out a framework to be followed when a significant number of members of a congregation express a desire to leave the South Georgia Annual Conference of The United Methodist Church, pursuant to the provisions of paragraph 2553 of The Book of Discipline of The United Methodist Church. It is the intent of this policy that when a congregation chooses to leave the Annual Conference, it be allowed to do so in as amicable a manner as possible. The Annual Conference also recognizes a responsibility to members of a local church who want to remain part of the Annual Conference, even if they are in the minority of their congregation. Under the provisions of this policy, a local church shall have a limited right to exit the denomination to be complete prior to December 31, 2023. [Read the policy]

Local Church: Steps to Disaffiliate
The process for disaffiliation is as follows:

  • If a church is considering whether or not disaffiliation is in its best interest, the pastor or church lay leaders should notify the District Superintendent. The Superintendent shall hold an informal meeting with church leaders hearing their concerns, sharing the steps of the disaffiliation policy, and providing for ongoing dialogue.

  • If after consideration of the matter the church council of a local church determines that the church wishes to consider disaffiliation, it shall notify its District Superintendent. 

  • The District Superintendent shall call a church conference under ¶ 248 of the Book of Discipline for the sole purpose of deciding whether to disaffiliate. Such church conference shall be held within 120 days after the district superintendent calls for the church conference. The call and conduct of the church conference shall be governed by ¶¶ 246-247. In addition, special attention shall be made to give broad notice to the full, professing membership of the local church regarding the time and place of a church conference called for this purpose and to use all means necessary, including electronic communication where possible, to communicate. 

  • The decision to disaffiliate must be approved by a two-thirds (2/3) majority vote of the professing members of the local church present at the church conference.  

  • The request to disaffiliate must then be ratified by the members of the South Georgia Annual Conference. Ratification of such agreement shall require the approval by a simple majority of the members of the annual conference present and voting. No disaffiliation shall be effective until ratified by the Annual Conference. In addition, the Conference Board of Trustees must approve a local church’s disaffiliation. 

  • Disaffiliation FAQs

Local Church: Cost to Disaffiliate 

The local church must enter into a standard disaffiliation agreement with the annual conference, which includes at least the following:

  • Payment of any unpaid apportionments for the 12 months prior to the effective date of disaffiliation PLUS an additional equal amount representing 12 months of future apportionments.

  • The local church shall pay its appointed clergy’s compensation and benefits through the date on which its disaffiliation is effective.

  • A disaffiliating local church shall have the right to retain its real and personal, tangible and intangible, property. All transfers of property shall be made prior to disaffiliation. All costs for transfer of title or other legal work, including any costs or fees incurred by the Annual Conference in connection with the disaffiliation, shall be borne by the disaffiliating local church.

    • A disaffiliating local church shall satisfy all other debts, loans, and liabilities, or assign and transfer them to its new entity, prior to disaffiliation.

    • All payments hereunder shall be made prior to the effective date of departure.

  • If a church votes to disaffiliate, the payment obligation must be fulfilled within 30 days of the date the Annual Conference voted to accept the disaffiliation request.

Local Church: Deadline to Disaffiliate 

Under the provisions of the current policy, a local church shall have a limited right to exit the denomination to be complete prior to December 31, 2023. The right expires on December 31, 2023, and the provisions of this policy and ¶2553 of the Book of Discipline shall not be used after that date. NOTE: Written into Recommendation 1 of the report of the Conference Board of Trustees is a resolution stating the intent of the Conference Trustees to honor the current disaffiliation policy through December 31, 2024. You can read the full report of the Trustees beginning on page 31 of the Book of Recommendations and Reports.

Clergy: Exiting with a Disaffiliated Church

What clergy need to be aware of if exiting with a disaffiliated church:

  • You cannot hold membership in two denominations. Upon joining another denomination, membership in The United Methodist Church is terminated. (Judicial Council Decision 696)

  • If you are an elder, active or retired, and you choose to continue serving a disaffiliated church, then your action signifies your voluntary withdrawal from clergy membership in The United Methodist Church, and your ordination is no longer with The United Methodist Church. (¶360.1) It will be up to another church or denomination to recognize your orders through their own process. 

  • If you are a provisional member and you choose to exit with a disaffiliated church, then your “action shall be considered a request for discontinuance of your relationship” and your “credentials shall be surrendered to a district superintendent." (¶327.6) What the process will be for ordination and membership in another denomination is beyond our purview. It is important for you to understand that once you are discontinued from provisional membership, you will be without a pastoral license that serves as your clergy credential. 

  • If you are a local pastor and you choose to exit with a disaffiliated church, you are no longer licensed for pastoral ministry. According to ¶320, “Whenever any local pastor severs relationship with The United Methodist Church…license and credentials shall be surrendered to the district superintendent for deposit with the secretary of the conference.” The nature of a pastoral license is that it is only valid when the holder of the license is appointed by the bishop to a United Methodist church.

  • FAQ for Clergy and Disaffiliated Churches

Disaffiliation Agreement Documents

Disaffiliation Frequently Asked Questions & Helpful Resources

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