Affected by Disaffiliation? Find out how you can move forward in mission in South Georgia

Discerning your Mission and Values

Are you starting something new and needing to solidify the foundation of your ministry or congregation before you get started? 

Have you experienced mission drift and find you are in need of a way to get your leadership team refocused and back on mission? 

If you find yourself in either of these places, this 7-part video series is for you. Here’s how it works!

  1. Gather together a group of leaders who are willing to think critically and thoughtfully about the process of aligning or realigning your programs and ministries around mission.  Note that these leaders don’t have to be leaders in elected positions, but need to be a good representation of your congregation. These need to be forward thinkers, not those who are bound only by methods of the past. Try limiting your group to no more than 12 people, but at least 8.
  2. Set the date for the next 7 meetings together.  It is suggested that these meetings take place over a period of time that will allow you to pause in between each section to allow time for the Spirit to work between your planning times. Once a week for 7 weeks or every other week for 14 weeks is a good suggested schedule. Any longer and you can lose momentum.
  3. Get together in a space where you can show the videos to the group. You will need to pause and do some work for discussion and activities throughout. Seating your group around tables will help facilitate good conversation.
  4. The materials needed for each session are listed above each video. Please collect those before you begin.
  5. If at any time you get stuck or need help, reach out to Anne at for advice or clarification!
Step 1 – Who Builds?
  • ​Focus: Remember who you are and whose role it is to do this work of determining mission and values. 
  • Supplies needed: none
  • Video to watch


Step 2a – Purpose (Part 1)
  • Focus: Learn what a purpose statement is and begin discerning your congregation’s passions, resources, and opportunity.
  • Supplies needed: Chart paper and markers
  • Video to wach

Step 2b – Purpose (Part 2)
  • Focus: Brainstorm possible purpose statements that reflect your passions, resources, and opportunity.
  • Supplies needed: chart paper, markers
  • Video to watch

Step 2c – Purpose (Part 3)
  • Focus: Evaluate potential purpose statements and come to a consensus around the one that will best help you accomplish God’s purpose for your congregation. 
  • Supplies needed: Chart paper, markers, dot or star stickers for voting
  • Video to watch

Step 3 – Values
  • Focus: Identify values in your organization that are already running under the hood and preventing you from achieving your purpose.  Develop planned values to help define how you will accomplish your purpose.  
  • Supplies needed: Handout, pens
  • Handout
  • Video to watch

Step 4 – Alignment
  • Focus: Now that you have a purpose statement and values, put it to work to help you make sure everything you do is effective at accomplishing the purpose God has for you. 
  • Supplies needed: Sticky notes, pens
  • Video to watch

Step 5 – Communication
  • Congratulations! You have done the hard work of establishing or reestablishing your purpose and values.  Now make a plan to get the word out to the people in your congregation! 
  • Supplies needed: Chart paper, markers
  • Video to watch

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