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Discipleship form Benevolence UMC Eastman Georgia 10/1/2015

Month Start Date 10/1/2015
Church Benevolence UMC Eastman Georgia
Average combined attendance of all worship services for month of the report 8
Average attendance of all small groups, including Sunday school, for month of the report 0
Number of CLUs meeting regularly for month of the report 0
Total Number of 20.1.5. participants for this month 0
Number of people participating in the 20.1.5. initiative for the first time 0
Number of new small groups started this month 0
Total number of small groups in the church 0
Please enter the name of the person submitting this form C. Graton Helms
Created 10/29/2015 4:59:29 PM
Created By Guest Guest
Last Updated 10/29/2015 4:59:29 PM
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