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Discipleship form Clyo UMC Clyo Georgia 12/1/2016

Month Start Date 12/1/2016
Church Clyo UMC Clyo Georgia
1. Total professing members reported at close of the previous month (This is line 9 of your previous month's report) 71
2a. Received this month on Profession of Christian Faith 0
2b. Restored by Affirmation 0
3. Transferred in from other United Methodist Churches 1
4. Transferred in from non-United Methodist Churches 0
Names of members added David Berniki
5a. Removed by Charge Conference action 0
5b. Withdrawn from Professing Membership 0
6. Transferred out to other United Methodist churches 0
7. Transferred out to non-United Methodist churches 0
8. Removed by death 2
Names of members removed (by death or transfer) Dolly Bernhardt, Donald Goss
9. Total professing members reported at close of this month 70
10. Total baptized members who have not become professing members (total, not monthly total) 0
11. Average combined attendance at all weekly worship services 25
Number of new small groups, including Sunday School, started this month 0
Total number of small groups, including Sunday School, in the church 2
Average attendance of all small groups, including Sunday School, for month of the report 15
Please enter the name of the person submitting this form Brantley Horton
Created 2/9/2017 8:06:20 PM
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Last Updated 2/13/2017 1:31:18 PM
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