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Discipleship form Andrew UMC Kathleen Georgia 2/1/2017

Month Start Date 2/1/2017
Church Andrew UMC Kathleen Georgia
1. Total professing members reported at close of the previous month (This is line 9 of your previous month's report) 226
2a. Received this month on Profession of Christian Faith 6
2b. Restored by Affirmation 0
3. Transferred in from other United Methodist Churches 4
4. Transferred in from non-United Methodist Churches 0
Names of members added Ashley Peek Courtney Peek Michael Sordillo Kevin Bernier McKayla Flynn Ethanh Hayes Jeff Jordan Christine Jordan Logan Jordan Peyton Jordan
5a. Removed by Charge Conference action 0
5b. Withdrawn from Professing Membership 0
6. Transferred out to other United Methodist churches 0
7. Transferred out to non-United Methodist churches 0
8. Removed by death 0
9. Total professing members reported at close of this month 236
10. Total baptized members who have not become professing members (total, not monthly total) 2
11. Average combined attendance at all weekly worship services 106
Number of new small groups, including Sunday School, started this month 0
Total number of small groups, including Sunday School, in the church 5
Average attendance of all small groups, including Sunday School, for month of the report 17
Please enter the name of the person submitting this form Jim Dominey
Created 3/6/2017 10:57:36 AM
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Last Updated 3/6/2017 10:57:36 AM
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