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Discipleship form St Paul UMC Columbus Georgia 5/1/2017

Month Start Date 5/1/2017
Church St Paul UMC Columbus Georgia
1. Total professing members reported at close of the previous month (This is line 9 of your previous month's report) 2085
2a. Received this month on Profession of Christian Faith 34
2b. Restored by Affirmation 0
3. Transferred in from other United Methodist Churches 6
4. Transferred in from non-United Methodist Churches 7
Names of members added Julia Alexander, Ella Arnold, Gayla Arrington, Lane Arrington, Luke Arrington, Steven Arrington, Ed Berry, Frances Berry, Sarah Boyd, Ashley Coppedge, Guillermo Cornavacs, Madelynn Cornavaca, Randilynn Cornavaca, Truett Davis, Avery Ellis, Katherine Ellis, Rosemary Gross, Kevin Hankins, Sheli Hankins, Lilly Rae Hinton, Jack Ivey, Sara Jewell, Kathryn Kenimer, Cam Kersey, Yates Kersey, Leah Kersey, Henry Lampton, Elijah Land, Eva Land, Creighton Lawrence, Emily Lorentz, Tommy Mayher, Bradley McGonegle, Susan C. Middlebrooks, Crockett Miller, James Moshier, Hendley Parker, Caroline Pease, Vivian Rayfield, Katie Shaw, Carolina Sheffield, Jake Trotter, Meredith Waddell, Spencer Waddell, Richard Waddell IV, Rypli Wilcox, Robert Wilson V
5a. Removed by Charge Conference action 0
5b. Withdrawn from Professing Membership 0
6. Transferred out to other United Methodist churches 3
7. Transferred out to non-United Methodist churches 1
8. Removed by death 3
Names of members removed (by death or transfer) Winifred Cain (D), Sharon Langley (D), Toleitha Stallings (D), Barbara Gail Sunkule, Russell Yoe, Vicki Yoe, William Yoe
9. Total professing members reported at close of this month 2125
10. Total baptized members who have not become professing members (total, not monthly total) 370
11. Average combined attendance at all weekly worship services 540
Number of new small groups, including Sunday School, started this month 0
Total number of small groups, including Sunday School, in the church 30
Average attendance of all small groups, including Sunday School, for month of the report 260
Please enter the name of the person submitting this form Cindy Lee
Created 8/3/2017 2:51:54 PM
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Last Updated 9/7/2017 11:21:29 AM
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