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Palm Sunday, Holy Week & Easter Resource Guide


Digital Promotion

  • Solicit short videos of Easter invites from your people, then compile them together to make a promotional video that you can post on social media, use in ads, etc. The beauty of crowdsourcing is that it makes it a little more fun for your people to share and invite their friends when they appear in the invite video!

  • Do an Easter photo challenge & have people tag your church in their photos.  You can use fun prompts like:

    • Take a picture of your reaction if you found the empty tomb!

    • Post your family reenacting the resurrection scene.

    • Tag us in a #throwback Easter photo

  • If you have connections with local broadcasting stations, brainstorm ways to get the Easter message out through those channels, too.

  • Use Facebook photo frames.

  • Send an email to members and attendees with an email template for them to use to invite neighbors to watch your Good Friday and Easter Services.

  • Have children submit Easter artwork and create a virtual gallery on your Facebook page to share/promote Easter services.

  • Put up a banner on your church’s property inviting people to celebrate Easter online with you. 

Holy Week

  • Display the Easter Cross at the church for people to drive by, add a flower, and pray.

  • Stations of the Cross: Click here for an adapted version with reflection questions and accompanying activity to be done at home

  • Holy Week Prayers: The prayer experiences on this site are meant to help you explore the events of Holy Week in a new way. Through these daily encounters with scripture and prayer, you will walk in and follow Jesus’ path to the cross.

  • Holy Week at Home: Family practices for the Triduum: ideas for families of all sizes and ages to connect to the Triduum in just a few minutes each evening.

  • Passover: Each year, more Christians are drawn to celebrate Passover, the feast commemorating the departure of the Israelites from slavery (Exodus 12).  Jesus had come to Jerusalem to celebrate and was actually crucified on Passover Day. He is the fulfillment of this tradition, as our own Passover Lamb. 

    • Do a video or social post explaining the significance of the Passover in the context of our Christian faith and how to recognize/celebrate the Passover at home.

    • Post a recipe for unleavened bread that families can make together at home.  

    • Host a Christian Seder Meal from the pastor’s dining room table & have his/her family explain the parts of the meal. Let people know what’s needed beforehand so they can celebrate at home, too.

    • Create a worship medley or watch party so you can have a time of worship together from their homes.

  • Maundy Thursday: an alternate name for Holy Thursday, the first of the three days of solemn remembrance of the events leading up to and immediately following the crucifixion of Jesus. 

    • A foot washing speaks volumes about Jesus’s desire for us to serve. Read John 13. Wrap a towel around your waist, as Jesus did, and wash each other’s feet. 

  • Good Friday: 

    • Hot Cross Buns: Traditional Good Friday fare for the family to make and eat together. The spices in hot cross buns are said to represent the spices which were used to embalm Christ after his death. 

  • Ask people to take a picture of themselves or their families watching online in the weeks leading up to Easter, hashtag and post on social media. Then, use the photos in the preservice countdown time before service begins on Easter Sunday

  • Create a testimony video. Here are a few variations:

    • Reach out to a handful of families and ask them to share in 30 seconds or less about God’s provision and what Easter means to them. Have each family record their own videos and compile them together.

    • Ask people to film themselves explaining in one minute how Jesus changed their life. Create a testimony video using the clips.


  • Host a sunrise service. Scope out the best places in your area to watch the sunrise (or from your yard/balcony/front porch). Go live from that spot and plan a quiet time of Scripture, music, and reflection against the backdrop of an actual sunrise. Encourage others to head outside as they watch.

    • Have everyone from your church post pictures of their view of the Easter sunrise with the caption “Christ the Lord is risen today” and your church’s Easter hashtag.

  • Encourage members to sponsor virtual Easter egg hunts in their neighborhoods by asking neighbors to put up egg shaped printouts in their windows. Kids can walk the neighborhood and hunt the eggs! Create a graphic they can share that lists your church’s name at the bottom for your online Easter Service.

  • Resurrection Eggs: An egg carton filled with a dozen plastic eggs, each containing a symbol of Holy Week. Accompanied by twelve brief child-friendly lessons. 

  • Resurrection Rolls: each step of the cooking process represents part of the Easter story. 

  • Easter Jam:  A FREE Family Ministry Easter Digital Experience from Orange Curriculum.

  • Mail kids Easter activity packets they can do during your Easter service or provide printable activity pages online. 

  • Virtual Easter dance montage! Send out the song and dances moves for families to learn, and have them send their videos back in to be put together and played on Easter Sunday.

  • “Easter's best” photo contest. It gives the family a reason to still dress up (or at least dress up their children). 

  • Have kids tell the Easter story! Here are a few variations:

    • Send parents 3-5 questions for them to ask their kids about the Easter story, with a link for uploading videos of their interview to a dropbox or Google folder. Create a video from their responses. It’s a nice way to transition between your online worship and message, naturally sets your pastor up to tell the real Easter story, and, best of all, gets families excited and involved in your service, even digitally.

    • Have parents record their kids talking about what Easter and Jesus mean to them. Short clips. Then edit them all together to make a video.

  • Create an Easter skit: Send the kids their lines, and have parents video them acting them out. Then, put them all together to create a video.

  • Get parents to send in videos of their kids saying a bible verse from the message, then put them together for the Bible reading portion of the service.

  • Create a live, interactive scavenger hunt for families to do 30 minutes prior to your Easter service kicking off.

  • Create a virtual, multi-day Easter challenge where you share part of the Easter story and kids submit a creation (legos, drawing, songs, skits, etc.) that goes along with it.


  • Playlist for walk-through Holy Week from Palm Sunday to Easter in music (21 songs) - click here.  

  • Easter-themed Tik Tok challenge

  • 9 Journal Prompts for Holy Week 

  • Holy Week for Teens - 8 days of celebration and worship that focuses on the last week of Christ's life, beginning the Sunday before Easter, tailored to teens. Pick and choose what will resonate with your family. 


  • Create an easy next step that people can take if they’ve responded to the message and accepted Jesus as their Savior.

  • Have people who are available to follow-up immediately to help people get plugged into your online community. Train the volunteers in advance so they will know what to do.

  • Consider doing a virtual welcome party via Zoom for people who are new to the church, and a virtual hangout for people who want to ask questions about the message.

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