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Kids, do NOT play with fire! Fire is yielded by a chemical reaction of oxygen and fuel such as wood and gasoline. Fires let off extreme amounts of heat and light. Although fire can be helpful to humans for heat, cooking food, survival, and etc., fires in the wild, homes, schools, buildings, and other places can be hazardous and destructive. Requiring heat, fuel, and oxygen to burn, fires can burn at more than 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit. The heat of a fire can blister and burn human skin, kill animals, and destroy property. The smoke from a fire is toxic, too. In a fire you have to act swiftly. Fire can grow quickly, so you need to be precautious. While we are grateful for the help of firefighters, firefighters will not be there for you every second of a fire. In other words, you will need to know some safety tips for a fire.


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Preparations Before A Fire:

  • Prepare your home to be fire ready.

  • Make a fire safety plan including exit routes, a checkpoint, and locations for fire fighting equipment.

  • Help your parents by reminding them to install smoke detectors.

  • Create safe-zones around your home.

  • Understand your risk. Fires do not care who you are.

  • Fire drills are serious and should be practiced at home, too.

During a fire:

  • Know your way out. If you can not go through a door, get out through a window.

  • If you are in a room, check the door for heat or smoke coming through cracks. You are checking to see if there is fire on the other side.

  • If you see smoke or feel heat on the door or door knob, do not open the door.

  • If not, go to your escape route.

  • Stop, drop, and roll if your clothes are on fire.

  • Get out, and stay out.

  • Call 911 after you get out of your house. Do not stay in your house any excess time.

  • Stay calm, and know how to escape.

  • Do not breathe in smoke.

  • Crawl  if necessary.

  • Do not try to grab belongings, for you would be risking your life.

  • Do not breathe in smoke.

  • Stay calm, and know how to escape.

After a Fire:

  • Avoid hazards.

  • Recover your possessions.

  • Do not breathe in smoke in the air.

  • Talk about your feelings with your parents.

  • Pray to God.

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