Leading SGAUMC Forward: A Bright Future with Hope

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Ministry is something that thrives off of people coming together to lead people to Jesus. Zoe says, “Meeting in person again reminds me how cool people interactions are and how awesome my friends are!”


We have seen first-hand through the students at the school there is no better feeling than a sense of togetherness. Finding that was difficult at first, but now we have built back up and are doing better than ever!


Alvin said, “Worshipping in person helps people connect and bond through sharing the same faith. It’s also great hearing the different stories that other people have.”


We have received or heard many stories from students who say being able to come together has benefited them tremendously. This story, from student Hannah Talbert, made a lasting impact, she said.


“I was talking to a student who hadn’t been to worship in a while. The pandemic had affected her really badly, and she had been feeling really isolated. She showed up to worship and I watched as she broke into tears in the middle of the first song. Her hands were raised, and I could tell that this specific song was touching her. She came up to me afterwards and told me that she had been struggling at home and the first song we played that day was the song that had been on repeat in her playlist for weeks. She told me that this had been the one song that had been helping her get through a really tough time in her life and it’s almost like this worship experience was trying to reach her just by playing this song. The in-person worship experience benefitted her more than words could say.”


Thank you, South Georgia! Being in ministry can be difficult at times and this pandemic has affected us all in many ways. That being said, we would not have been able to continue throughout the pandemic and come back together now if it were not for you all. The impact you have had on these students is incredible, so thank you for your continued support throughout it all!

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