HealthFlex (Health Insurance)

HealthFlex is the insurance plan of the South Georgia Conference.  It is mandatory for full-time clergy under age 65.  We also offer coverage for clergy spouses and families (at the clergy person's expense).


Open Enrollment for 2019 coverage will be Oct. 31 until Nov. 15, 2018.

For more information about the new HealthFlex Exchange, click here.

For 2018 HealthFlex rates, click here

        Covered clergy have a monthly $943 "premium contriobution" with which to purchase insurance.  They may          choose to purchase additional coverage at their own expense.

For 2019 HealthFlex rates, click here.

       Covered clergy have a monthly $950 "premium contribution" with which to purchase insurance.  They may             choose to purchase additional coverage at their own expense.

For information about the HealthFlex Benefits card (Wageworks), including how to submit claims for reimbursement, click here.

Pastors should know that if they participate in the Conference HealthFlex plan, they and their family ARE NOT ELIGIBLE for subsidies under the Affordable Care Act.  The cost of our insurance is defined as "affordable" under the ACA rules, even though it is only for the pastor; even if the family is not on HealthFlex, clergy families are not eligible for ACA subsidies.  For details, click here.

To view the HealthFlex Exchange seminar presented Fall 2016 to pastors and spouses, click here or see below.


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