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Hispanic Creed



We believe in God, the Father Almighty

Creator of the heavens and the earth;

Creator of the all peoples and all cultures;

Creator of all tongues and races.


We believe in Jesus Christ, his Son, our Lord,

God made flesh in a person for all humanity,

God made flesh in an age for all the ages,

God made flesh in one culture for all cultures,

God made flesh in love and grace for all creation.


We believe in the Holy Spirit

Through whom God incarnate in Jesus Christ

Makes his presence known in our peoples and our cultures;

Through whom, God Creator of all that exists,

Gives us power to become new creatures;

Whose infinite gifts make us one people: the body of Christ.


We believe in the Church Universal because it is a sign of God’s Reign,

Whose faithfulness is shown in its many hues

Where all the colors paint a single landscape,

Where all tongues sing the same praise.


We believe in the Reign of God – the day of the Great Fiesta

When all the colors of creation will form a harmonious rainbow,

When all peoples will join in joyful banquet,

When all tongues of the universe will sing the same song.


And because we believe, we commit ourselves:

To believe for those who do not believe,

To love for those who do not love,

To dream for those who do not dream,

Until the day when hope becomes reality. Amen.


(The United Methodist Spanish Hymnal, Mil Voces para Celebrar, page 70, Justo Gonzalez)

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