Health Insurance Coverage

The 2017 session of the Annual Conference directed the Conference Board of Pensions and Health Benefits (CBOP) to “revisit the subject of family health insurance policies specifically focused on finding options that will lower the premium. If options are found, they will be presented to the 2018 Annual Conference for a vote.”

Pursuant to this motion, the CBOP Insurance Subcommittee convened several meetings for the purpose of gathering information and considering the impact of a variety of options on the local churches and clergy families that make up our Annual Conference connection. Research included information about health insurance offerings in thirty-seven different annual conferences, as well as offerings for non-profit agencies and for-profit companies that have analogous geographic challenges across the state.

The following information is being offered as a guide to the delegates of the 2018 Annual Conference. The CBOP has worked to create videos and written documents to help provide background on how health insurance works, what impacts health insurance and why the Annual Conference has made certain decisions to bring us to our current coverage. The committee hopes this information will help the conference make the best decision for our churches, our clergy and our clergy families. 

Informational Videos

Video 1: How does insurance work?

Video 2: Clergy Benefits in the South Georgia Conference

Video 3: Keeping Covenant Together in the South Georgia Conference

Helpful Documents

South Georgia Annual Conference HealthFlex 2017 Annual Report

White Pages

White pages are understood to be an authoritative report giving information or proposals on an issue. These papers help explain complex issues or provide historical background.

Health Insurance Overview (How Does Health Insurance Work?  What impacts the cost of health insurance? How did family insurance become an employer responsibility?) 

What is shared cost of premiums? 

What is a blended rate for health insurance?

What are the clergy benefits in the South Georgia Conference?

Why is health insurance not an apportioned item?

What do other Annual Conferences pay for health insurance?

How might health insurance costs impact appointment making?

How do our conference’s benefits impact clergy recruitment?

Recommendation from the Conference Board of Pensions & Health Benefits


In light of the substantial increases that would be passed along to the local churches, along with other ramifications considered and some not-yet-foreseen, the Conference Board of Pensions and Health Benefits recommends to the Annual Conference maintaining the current plan for providing health insurance to our clergy, with churches paying for full-time clergy and coverage of the family remaining the responsibility of the pastor. The HealthFlex Exchange provides six different insurance plans for clergy and their families to consider, with varying coverages and premiums available.

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