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By Sam Kellum, Director


As of 2019, COVID took our world by storm and showed us things can change in the blink of an eye. As we approach 2022, “togetherness” has pushed us to make things happen. Without the support of campus ministries, staff, communities and overall the students we wouldn’t be able to successfully come together and worship, through togetherness it has given this community the opportunity to thrive.


Togetherness has been a priority for us this year at Kennesaw State. During the peak of the pandemic our students felt the tremendous weight of separation in their lives, and as we have treated this semester as a fresh start, I have truly seen joy in their hearts as they are able to live life together again. Their excitement to learn, intentionally connect, earnestly worship, and have new experiences warms my heart.


One of the biggest things that our students had been missing over the past year was a sense of togetherness in worship. Through my conversations with them, it feels like we never really stopped. I thought that it would be difficult to build back up the ministry to what it was before. Though we have our own unique set of challenges, being able to worship together, on campus, in a safe environment, has truly allowed students to connect with what God is doing here in Kennesaw.


Our students say they benefit from being together in worship.


“The people that I met have helped shape who I am today. Being back in worship has helped me grow in my faith and challenge me to take ownership of the things around me,” said Drew. “The people here allow me to develop my strengths and understand who I really am. I don’t think I would be where I am today without the support of Wesley.”


Joe said, “I was starting to get discouraged by not being on campus. Not having weekly worship or community groups meant that I was just sitting around most of the time. Being back together, I remember the importance I place of worship and community.”


We have a freshman student this year who has been struggling with mental and physical health issues over the past few years. Being involved in worship and community on campus has helped him find the confidence and a safe place to share some of the things that he has been afraid to confront. Through talking with him this semester we have been able to set him up with counseling services as well as working with a health coach at the wellness center. If we had not been back together, we may have never met him. 


We honestly thank you, South Georgia, for the support you have given us over the past year. We have been able to overcome so many challenges and can celebrate the fact that we are able to have an active presence on campus today. That is directly thanks to your support. I pray that with these gifts we continue to show students the life change that comes with the Gospel and help shape the city of Kennesaw into one that knows the love of Jesus Christ.

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