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One chime at a time


LaGrange College has rung in a new tradition.


Called the Sound of Success, the practice invites graduating seniors to ring the Chapel bell when they have had a post-graduation job offer or have been admitted to graduate school, post-baccalaureate internships, research fellowships or military and law enforcement training.


President Susanna Baxter loves to hear the Chapel bell ring. 


“I’m like a kid at Christmas,” she said. “It really is the sound of success.” 


When Nursing student Dariene Scott took advantage of Sound of Success, she was amazed at the experience. 


“After ringing the bell, I walked out of the Chapel and heard a professor yell, ‘Congratulations!’ as he ran to meet me,” she said. “I didn’t even know him, but it was very special to celebrate with him and a few friends.” 


One of the first students to ring the bell was Gabriel Griffith when he enrolled in the United States Coast Guard.


“I didn’t expect anyone to notice me,” he said. “But a student I didn’t even know offered to help me celebrate by taking a photo of me at the Chapel. Now when I hear the bell, it isn’t just a ring but also the sound of finishing strong. In their own way, they all are screaming out to the campus, ‘I did it!’” 


Dr. Karen Pruett, Associate Dean of Students, said she was talking with a family on an admissions tour recently when a student rang the bell to announce his acceptance to graduate school. 


“I asked them if they heard the bell, and they said they had,” she said. “This opened up a great opportunity to tell them about the accomplishments of our awesome students and talk about the support that we offer as the LC community.”    


Dr. Baxter is thrilled with the response to Sound of Success. 


“It is so exciting because for each bell that rings there is a hard-working student who reached this milestone because of the dedication of faculty, staff and parents,” she said. “So, in many ways, the celebration belongs to us all.” 

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