When entering the Local Church Leadership List you will first see a listing of all the available positions for local churches and those holding positions for the current year within your church. In order to edit a leader's information or to add new leaders, click on 'Click Here to Edit Church Leaders'. This will take you to the very bottom of the page where the names of the leaders will be shown. If you click on a name, a page will appear with the information regarding that person. Or, you can add a new leader by clicking 'Add new Contact' located after the last person in the list of names at the bottom of the screen. When adding or editing an existing person please follow the steps below:

1. Fill out the contact information for that person.

 2. Please read the bold-face type carefully, as it will tell you how to add a new position to a person, or edit an existing position for a person.

3. To add a new position to a person, click on the 'Add New Position' link after the paragraph of instructions. This will make a new row appear to edit position information for that person.

4. When selecting a position, you must click on the 'down arrow' next to the box. A box will appear for you to type in. Begin typing the name of the position and the box will find anything matching what you've entered in a list. Select the position needed from the list by clicking on it and it will fill in the box for you. NOTE - Do not select positions that have an 'AC' in the front of the position name. Select ONLY LC (local church) positions. Any AC positions selected will not be shown in the list. The only exception to not using LC (local church) is for entering the Charge-wide Lay Member to AC and the Charge-wide Staff Parish Charge.  You will use the position code Charge-Wide Lay Member to AC and/or Charge-Wide Staff Parish Chair.

An example of typing in the box and the system finding the desired position.


5. When adding beginning and ending dates, please use the mm/dd/yyyy format if you type the date in the box or nothing will be saved. Or, you can click on the calendar icon next to the date boxes and a calendar will appear. Use the arrows near the top of the calendar to scroll to the desired date and click on the actual number of the day for the date to appear in the box. Be sure you have the right year selected on your calendar.

6. When selecting an Officer - do the same as you did with the Position. Click on the down-arrow, begin typing the Officer Code in Parenthesis desired (chair, member, secretary) and the box will find the officer title. Click on the officer title you desire and it will fill in to the box.

If you need to just change ending dates for a leader, simply change the ending year to the desired year needed. Be sure to keep the date in a mm/dd/yyyy format or your information may not be saved.

Once all of the changes have been completed for a person, click 'Save' at the top or bottom of the page to save their information. To return to the Leadership List click on the link near the top of the page that reads '**Click here to return to Church Leadership List'. This will take you back to this year’s Leadership List and you may continue to edit leaders as needed.

As you change ending dates, the leaders will be moved over to next year’s Leadership List. This can be accessed by clicking on the link at the top of the Leadership List that reads 'Print the 20-- Leadership List'.  Any leaders not continuing to serve should be left alone at this time.

7.  Printing Final Report.  You may return to the menu of forms and select "c" in this Section to print the final document showing leaders holding office effective January 1 of the coming year.

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