Dr. Jay Harris
Assistant to the Bishop for Ministerial Services    
PO Box 18149
Macon, GA  31209








The South Georgia Conference Board of Ordained Ministry and the Office of Ministerial Services both exist because God is actively and graciously calling God’s people into ministry. Our desire is that this website serve as a resource for those who are discerning the nature of their call and need guidance on how to respond. For those who are on their journey toward licensing or ordination, we offer information about the education and funding needed for the journey.

This website also serves as a resource for the many who serve on the Conference Board of Ordained Ministry and the District Committees on Ordained Ministry, as well as the many who serve as mentors. The people involved and the processes involved help us determine the fitness, the readiness, and the effectiveness of the people who are seeking to serve in the United Methodist Church. It is a huge endeavor. The Board recognizes that the development of one’s call is a lifelong journey and therefore seeks to create and maintain collegial support systems. The Board also oversees and helps facilitate all the various changes in the relationships between members of the clergy and the connectional life of the conference.

We hope you will use this resource and help us improve it along the way with your questions and interaction. 

May the God who calls us bless you in your journey of serving and following Jesus Christ.