Local Pastors' Licensing School

What is Licensing School? It is a "crash course" in being a pastor for those who want to be available for appointment to a church or charge as a licensed local pastor. Those who are licensed for pastoral ministry make a commitment to continue their education beyond Licensing School either through the 20 classes of the Basic Course of Study or through a Masters of Divinity degree from a United Methodist approved seminary.

Is Licensing School required? Yes, if you want to serve a church now and be able to administer Holy Communion. The only exception is if you have already taken one-third of your classes for your Masters of Divinity degree in a United Methodist approved seminary.

When and where is Licensing School held? We, the South Georgia Annual Conference, join with the North Georgia Annual Conference and Emory University Course of Study School to provide a combined licensing school for both conferences. Instead of operating independent schools, the two conferences work together to train local pastors, making use of the faculty, facilities, and resources of Emory University and their Course of Study Program. The 2018 session will be held May 17-26, 2018, on the Campus of Emory University. Students will reside in dorms. The cost to the student for a week of intensive instruction, room and board is only $500.

Who is eligible to attend? The school is open only to certified candidates. To be eligible to attend the May session a person should really be certified by their district committee by March 23, 2018. Some of you have already been certified by your district committee, some of you have not, and will need to see if you are able to be ready for certification by the deadline. (Email me to see if you can be ready by the deadline.) The registration deadline for the May session is March 31, 2018. If you are a certified candidate, but do not wish to serve a church in the next year, you do not have to attend Licensing School.

How do I get more information and register?  Go to www.candler.emory.edu, click "Programs," click "Licensing School," and read the information you find on that page. The link for the 2018 Registration Form is located on that page. The form must be signed by the District Superintendent of the district that certified the candidate and by Dr. Jay Harris, Director of Ministerial Services. The signed and completed registration form, along with the $500 registration fee, must be received by Emory prior to March 31st. This will ensure housing reservations and allow time for pre-work assignments to be completed.