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September 06, 2016
Dear Editor,

Our summer intern here at Utmost United Methodist Church is Munn Dane. He is finishing up a class practicum involving a variety of pastoral duties. As I understand it, the class is designed to help students deciding on the pastoral ministry.

Our pastor, Rev. Mostly Wright, assigned some fairly innocuous opportunities. They included teaching, visitation, and administrative tasks. He also encouraged Munn to participate in projects in the ministry of the church, such as youth and adult mission events.

The rub came in Munn’s teaching Bible to adults. As you recall, our membership includes a fair amount of college and university professors, public school teachers, and business leaders. Munn chose to teach the Book of Romans over the eight-week period. But he did a verse-by-verse exposition.  

While most of our members appreciate Bible study, this approach not only was boring, but also insulted the intelligence of those in attendance. Mr. I. C. Clearly said, “I tried to tell Munn to reconsider his approach to teaching. He said the people were not wanting to dig deep enough in the scriptures.”

Rev. Wright said, “Munn still has time to learn before taking a church. Fortunately, training and screening will help refine his skills.” 

Until next time …

Homer Heardmore
Rhodes Crossing, Ga.

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