Here I am Lord, Send Me! 

Throughout scriptures, we are called to use whatever gift we have received to serve others, faithfully administering God’s grace in its various forms. Through our mission pages, explore the various ways you can be in service in your community and throughout the world. 

Whether you are one person, a small class, a group, church, business, or a gathering of long-time friends, you can help make a difference for the Body of Christ.

You can get involved at many levels; offer prayers, financial support, resources, volunteer your time, use your talents, share passion and encouragement, perhaps join a travel team, or lead a team into mission. We are here to resource and equip you to take this step of faith. All churches should have a heavy investment in supporting missions as well as serving in missions; across the streets from our churches and homes, around the world, and in all places between- where the love of God can be shared and nurtured.  

For more information on ways that you can be involved, contact:

Allison Lindsey: Associate Director - Office of Connectional Ministries
allison@sgaumc.com: (912)393-5524