Mission Today Criteria

2014 – 2016 Mission Today Criteria        
South Georgia Conference United Methodist Women


  • Energize United Methodist Women to be more involved in mission through prayer, study and action.
  • Increase contacts between units and mission personnel and mission projects so that United Methodist women understand where their money goes.
  • Encourage use of mission resources through United Methodist Women.
  • Expand concepts of mission, including social justice as mission.

To become a MISSION TODAY UNIT, the unit must meet these criteria:

  • Gold Level:  Twelve of the following, including four marked with an asterisk (*)
  • Silver Level:  Nine of the following, including three marked with an asterisk (*)
  • Bronze Level:  Any Six of the following

The unit will:

  • _____*Use the Prayer Calendar at each general meeting to pray for mission workers and projects.
  • _____*Make and meet a Pledge to Mission.
  • _____*Add at least two members to its roll.  Units with fewer than 20 members will add one new member.
  • _____*Have at least two members subscribe to Response magazine.  Units with fewer than 20 members will have one member subscribe to Response. 
  • _____*Use two programs from the Program Book for United Methodist Women each year.
  • _____*Have at least one member to attend a Conference or District mission study and give a report to the unit or     conduct at least one mission study a year.   
  • _____*Implement the Charter for Racial Justice Policies in at least one way during the year.

            Some suggested plans of action:

            Plan a joint meeting with a unit of a different racial ethnic background, using a program from the

            Program  Book

            Develop bi-racial/cultural or multi-racial/cultural Koinonia groups

            Hold a joint Vacation Bible School

            Hold pulpit exchanges

            Share joint worship services on special occasions

            Encourage the church to sponsor a refugee family

  • _____Be a Five Star unit, contributing to all five channels of Mission Giving.
  • _____Have at least two members to attend the District or Conference annual meeting.  Units with fewer than 20 members will have one member attend.
  • _____Have at least one member join the United Methodist Women’s Social Action Network to receive and respond to legislative information.
  • _____Write to five persons listed in the Prayer Calendar each year.
  • _____Participate in the Campaign for Children in at least two ways.  A 2013 update to the Racial Justice is available for download at www.umwmissionresources.org

    Possibilities for action:

            Help sponsor a church or community program related to children and youth needs.

            Sponsor a Children’s Sabbath, promoted by the Children’s Defense Fund.

            Get involved with children in mentoring, tutoring, and “big sisters” programs.

            Write letters, e-mail, or call congressional reps. And/or others in government regarding children’s issues.

            Visit your local schools.

            Attend a school board meeting.

            Learn how our schools are funded

  • _____Include a Response moment at each meeting, lifting up an item from the magazine as a way to tell the mission story.
  • _____Have at least two people complete one of the Reading Program Plans and report on one of the books read. Units with fewer than 20 members will have one member complete one of the Reading Program Plans and report.
  • _____Invite a District or Conference officer, other than a member of the unit, to one of the unit meetings during the year.
  • _____Make a pledge to care for God’s creation and become a “Green” unit.  A check list for Green units is available for download at www.unitedmethodistwomen.org.   
  • _____Hold a Mini-Spiritual Growth Retreat.  Prepare for the retreat by watching the video “Resurrection Road” and get the accompanying study guide, “Resurrection Women.”  Leaders and participants manuals for this retreat are available for download, along with a manual on planning retreats, at  www.umwmissionresources.org.
  • _____Have at least two members attend the Spiritual Growth Retreat or the District Day Apart.  Units with fewer than 20 members will have one member attend.       
  • _____Contribute beyond Five Star giving by participating in Candle Burning or Supplemental Giving.
  • _____Open each meeting by reciting the Purpose of United Methodist Women.
  • _____Contribute kits or make a donation to UMCOR.
  • _____Celebrate UMW Sunday with a program/speaker who informs your congregation about UMW mission activities locally, nationally and/or globally.
  • _____Give at least one Special Mission Recognition pin.
  • _____Submit completed Mission Today and Mission Study reports to the District E & I Coordinator by August 1.
  • _____Participate in a local project directed toward women, children and/or youth.  Describe:



  • _____Complete other project or mission activity, such as visiting one of our mission agencies, participating in prayer shawl ministry, etc.  Describe:



Revised and Adopted: August 2013

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