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For covered providers in your area go online to the UBH Clinician Search. All covered members receive 8 employee assistance sessions each year at NO CHARGE. To ensure that the UBH provider receives pre-authorization, call 1-800-788-5614. 

Covered Mental Health Services

The Conference Pastoral Counselor is available to assist clergy who may be interested in counseling services. If you or one of your immediate family members are suffering emotionally, please contact me and I will gladly assist you with acquiring the kind of care that you need.


All clergy and family members who are covered by the South Georgia Annual Conference Healthflex plan are entitled to low cost mental health benefits. The South Georgia Annual Conference has contracted with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois for employee health insurance. However, the mental health portion of the plan has been contracted out with United Behavioral Health (UBH). UBH is another health insurance company and they are ONLY responsible for the mental health portion of your coverage. In order to receive payment for services, you have to obtain pre-certification. With your insurance plan you have two options for outpatient care: 1) Employee Assistance Benefits (EAP) and 2) Outpatient Services.


Under your plan, you are eligible for EIGHT Employee Assistance Program (EAP) visits that pay 100% with pre-certification. No co-payment is required for these visits. These eight visits must be rendered with a UBH provider. For pre-certification call 1-800-788-5614. This number will direct you to the EAP center that handles all of the claims. Along with your pre-certification, you will receive an authorization number that will be used by the provider to file your visits. The provider will receive a packet from the Employee Assistance Program after authorization with instructions on how to file. You may also contact the office of the South GA Conference Pastoral Counselor for help with this process or to secure the best resource for your particular issue by calling 478-929-1032.


After the eight EAP visits are met, you can obtain outpatient mental health authorization for further care. In order for further visits to be covered by insurance, the provider must be a UBH provider. These visits require a $15 co-payment per visit with pre-certification. Authorizations can be obtained by calling UBH at 1-800-788-5614. UBH will give you an authorization number along with a specified number of visits within a certain time frame. This information should be given to the provider. If the provider is not on a UBH panel, your plan will not cover any further care and payment for services will be your responsibility. All of these claims should be filed with your local Blue Cross Blue Shield provider. For Georgia, send claims to Blue Cross Blue Shield of Georgia, PO Box 9907, Columbus, GA 31908. Do not send claims to UBH or Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois because they will be denied.


Spouses or dependents not covered by conference insurance may also contact Deborah Wight-Knight, Conference Pastoral Counselor, for help in finding appropriate and effective mental health resources.

Questions regarding your general health benefit coverage can be answered by the Administrative Services Office at 478-738-0048. For concerns related to mental health, please contact Kate Tyler, CPC Assistant, or me at 478-929-1032.



Deborah Wight-Knight, M.Div., L.M.F.T.
Conference Pastoral Counselor
Kate Tyler
CPC Assistant

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