Four Years in South Georgia - Reflections from the Bishop

published 8/3/2012
FROM THE BISHOP JAMES R. KING, JR. July 20, 2012 marked the end of another Southeastern Jurisdictional Conference. I would like for the members of the South Georgia annual conference to know what I wrote as my report in summary of our work in the South Georgia Area during the last four years.  South Georgia Area Report Bishop James R. King Jr. The South Georgia Area is filled with clergy and laity who are excited about the gospel of Jesus Christ and are engaged in making disciples of Jesus ...

South Georgians elected to serve on general church boards

published 7/31/2012
By Kara Witherow, Editor Two South Georgia United Methodists, Dr. Brad Brady and Allison Lindsey, have been nominated and elected to serve on general church agency boards by the Southeastern Jurisdictional Conference. Dr. Brady, assistant to the bishop for Connectional Ministries, has been elected to serve on the Connectional Table. Established by the 2004 General Conference, the Connectional Table oversees the coordination of mission, ministries and resources across the denomination. The ...

2012 Black Church Summit explores 21st Century model of ministry

published 7/26/2012
The 2012 Black Church Summit, a gathering for clergy and laity from black churches across the South Georgia Conference, is set for Sept. 21-22, 2012, at New Covenant Church in Savannah. The theme for this year’s Summit is “Real, Relevant and REVIVED: Creating a 21st Century Model of Ministry,” based on Mark 9:50, which says, “Salt is good, but if it loses its saltiness, how can you make it salty again? Have salt among yourselves, and be at peace with each other.”  “Since its inception, the Black...

Can you dig it? KidzQuest helps students live life 'to the max'

published 7/26/2012
Christians are called to “have life, and have it abundantly” (John 10:10). At this year’s KidzQuest retreat, set for Sept. 28-30 at Epworth By The Sea on St. Simons Island, students will discover how to do just that – they’ll learn how God has called them to live life “to the max!” Designed for students in the third through sixth grades, this annual children’s retreat promises to be hip, groovy, far out and bursting with learning, worship and fun. This year’s event, with the theme, “Give Me: ...

2012 episcopal assignments by jurisdiction, Bishop King returns to SGA

published 7/23/2012
These are the assignments made by the committees on episcopacy in each of the five jurisdictions in the United States. The bishops will begin their assignments for the 2013-16 quadrennium on Sept. 1. Note: Area appears first, with annual (regional) conferences in parentheses. North Central Chicago Area (Northern Illinois Annual Conference): Bishop Sally Dyck Dakotas/Minnesota (Dakotas, Minnesota): Bishop Bruce Ough Illinois (Illinois Great Rivers): Bishop Jonathan Keaton Indiana (Indiana): ...

SEJ Wrap-up: Five new bishops for SEJ

published 7/23/2012
By Jessica Connor After a gathering that included the election of five new bishops for The United Methodist Church, the passage of a $4.4 million budget and the election of dozens of men and women to a host of church boards and agencies, delegates headed home to prepare for the next four years of denominational disciple-making. The Southeastern Jurisdiction of The United Methodist Church elected five new bishops: one woman and four men, including one African-American voted in on the very first ...

U.S. bishops elected, assigned for 2013-16

published 7/23/2012
 A Special Report By United Methodist News Service* 7:00 A.M. ET July 23, 2012 a href="" title=" Retired Bishop Joel Martinez congratulates newly elected Bishop Cynthia Fierro Harvey on July 19 during the South Central Jurisdictional Conference in Oklahoma City. Photo by Amy Forbus. " class="lightbox" style="text-decoration: none; color: rgb(85, 117, 161); ">img border="0" src="

Centenary UMC bicycle program gives bikes, jobs, hope

published 7/20/2012
By Kara Witherow, Editor Ben Braddy’s dentures were sitting on a laboratory shelf, waiting to be picked up. Problem was, he didn’t have the $70 he needed to finish paying for them. But after fixing seven bikes for the new Centenary Community Bicycle Program, Braddy has a new smile. Paid $10 for each bike he fixed, Braddy was able to save the money he needed to finally purchase his dentures. The Macon native and former automotive mechanic says that working with his hands is gratifying and ...

Isle of Hope UMC celebrates 161 years with its Green House dedication

published 7/20/2012
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New Sunday school curriculum premiering

published 7/20/2012
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Southeastern Jurisdiction to elect 5 bishops replacing 5 retiring bishops

published 7/9/2012
A UMNS Report By the Rev. J. Richard Peck*   The attention of the denomination will be focused beginning July 18 on thejurisdictional conferences, where 11 new U.S. bishops are expected to be elected in three jurisdictions. Like General Conference, the worldwide legislative gathering that met April 24 to May 4 in Tampa, Fla., jurisdictional conferences meet once every four years. Half the delegates will be lay people, and half will be clergy. The Book of Discipline, the denomination’s lawbook, ...

Experience the Connection

published 7/8/2012
By Allison Lindsey, Associate Director of Connectional Ministries From General Conference to Annual Conference, starting my new role with Connectional Ministries and in a few weeks embarking on Jurisdictional Conference, I am so thankful and often reflect on all the doors that God continues to open for me to serve. “Great is Thy Faithfulness!” Many have asked me about General Conference, and I find it a challenge to put my experience into words, but as I start this new position with ...

GRITS' soul food is food for the soul

published 7/8/2012
By Kara Witherow, Editor Just a few weeks ago, Adam Sturdivant was unemployed. Recently released from prison after being incarcerated for three years, Sturdivant found it nearly impossible to find a job. Divorced and living with his parents, the father of two needed help and hope. Today he’s getting paid to do what he loves – converse with customers and cook. GRITS, a new restaurant in Brunswick, aims to employ those like 29-year-old Sturdivant, former convicts who can’t find jobs. A ministry of...

Guaranteed appointment may stand

published 7/8/2012
By Sam Hodges, Managing Editor, United Methodist Reporter General Conference 2012 may not have ended guaranteed appointment for ordained elders after all. Though delegates at the United Methodist Church’s quadrennial meeting voted to change one relevant part of the Book of Discipline, another was left untouched, apparently inadvertently. “It appears that there is no end to guaranteed appointments for elders under the 2012 Discipline, though the interpretation of the meaning of such appointment...

UMW to host School of Christian Mission July 12 - 15

published 7/8/2012
p class="MsoNormal" style="margin-bottom:0in;margin-bottom:.0001pt;mso-layout-grid-align: none;text-autospace:none">“That All May Have Life” is the theme of the South Georgia Cooperative School of Christian Mission, to be held at Epworth By The Sea July Thursday through Sunday, 12-15. In John 10:10, Jesus proclaims “I came that they may have life and have it abundantly.” (NRSV) Throughout the four-day event participants will learn how to change what needs to be changed, say what needs to be ...

Connectional Ministries sees time of transition

published 6/15/2012
By Dr. Brad Brady  June is transition time for many ministries across our Annual Conference.  The South Georgia Conference Office of Connectional Ministries is no different as we welcome Allison Lindsey and Rev. Abra Lattany-Reed who are joining our staff as Associate Directors. Allison and Abra join our Connectional Ministries team following a realignment of staff assignments subsequent to Rev. Doreen Smalls’ new appointment to a local church and Jim Towson’s decision to join a local church ...

Q & A with Dr. Edwin M. "Buddy" Cooper, Columbus District Superintendent

published 6/14/2012
ADVOCATE: Where did you grow up?  Have you always lived in South Georgia? DR. COOPER: I grew up in Powersville, a small community seven miles from Fort Valley and four miles from Byron, just off highway 49.  I have always lived in South Georgia and have served across the Conference.  During the past 40 years, I have served as youth director for Pittman Park United Methodist Church in Statesboro, the Crawford County Circuit, East Macon, Christ United Methodist Church in Albany, Christ United ...

Annual Conference hears update on new Conference Center

published 6/7/2012
By Kara Witherow, Editor Attendees of the 2012 South Georgia Annual Conference session saw a presentation on the new South Georgia Conference Center and heard an update on funding from Dr. Hal Brady, chairman of the conference office task force. To be located on the grounds of Wesleyan College in Macon, the nearly 11,000-square-foot Conference Center will allow many conference offices to work under the same roof instead of being dispersed in multiple office buildings.  “To date, through the ...

Evangelism and mission awards presented at Annual Conference Session

published 6/7/2012
Evangelistic awards were presented during the 2012 Annual Conference session to churches in each district which charted the largest net gain in membership, the largest number of professions of faith, and the best ratio of professions of faith with regard to membership.  Harvest Church in Byron, of the Macon District, was again the overall conference leader in the largest net gain in membership. Columbus’ St. Luke United Methodist Church led the conference in the largest number of professions of ...

District reduction study to continue

published 6/6/2012
Clergy and lay members to the 2012 Annual Conference session overwhelmingly voted in favor of continuing a district reduction study for another year.   On Monday afternoon, June 4, the South Georgia Cabinet presented a District Feasibility Study report to the conference with a recommendation that the 2012 South Georgia Annual Conference session retain the nine current districts.   This District Feasibility Study comes as a result of a motion made at the 2011 Annual Conference Session for Bishop ...

Shortened 2012 Annual Conference session not short on fellowship, faith

published 6/6/2012
By Kara Witherow, Editor Fellowship, worship, Bible study and celebration marked the 2012 South Georgia Annual Conference session, held June 3-5 at the Macon Centreplex in Macon, Ga. Nearly 1,200 South Georgia United Methodist clergy and laity gathered together to conference in the Wesleyan tradition. Bishop James R. King, Jr., episcopal leader of the South Georgia area, presided over his fourth Annual Conference session in South Georgia. Meeting under the theme of “Let the Redeemed Say So” from...

Despite disappointment at General Conference, there is hope

published 5/31/2012
By Kara Witherow, Editor General Conference is important, but it can’t legislate vitality, discipleship or growth. And despite the disappointment that emerged from the 2012 session, there is still hope. That’s the takeaway and general consensus among many South Georgia General Conference delegates. After nearly two weeks of meetings, debates, “backroom deals,” politicking and voting, the 10 South Georgia delegates were left trying to grasp the long-term implications of the 2012 General ...

Harlem Globetrotters surprise St. Marys Methodist Home residents

published 5/31/2012
By Kara Witherow, Editor It’s hard to play basketball with a broken basketball hoop on a cracked and worn court. But that’s what the young men of the St. Marys Methodist Home for Children and Youth played on every day after school. That is, at least, until the St. Marys and Kingsland communities, Oprah Winfrey’s “Lovetown, USA” television show and the Harlem Globetrotters stepped in to help. Jaws dropped and eyes were “as big as grapefruits” when the Harlem Globetrotters, the world's most famous...

Stay Focused

published 5/31/2012
FROM THE BISHOP JAMES R. KING, JR. Hello Beautiful People of South Georgia! We are blessed to live in a society with so many new devices and mechanisms in place to aid us in communicating with each other faster, more economically and more easily. Unfortunately, the ability to communicate globally as well as locally does not mean the world has become kinder and more loving. In fact, there are too many places where the walls have grown taller and differences isolate rather than unite the human ...

Stepping up to serve at General Conference

published 5/31/2012
By Kara Witherow, Editor Three South Georgia Conference volunteers stepped up to serve during the recent 2012 General Conference – literally. Sometimes on their feet for eight-hour stretches, Rev. Meg Procopio, Rev. Michael Finn and Marianne Wright participated and observed the inner workings of General Conference in ways that few are able to do. Rev. Procopio, Isle of Hope United Methodist Church’s minister of Christian education, accepted the invitation to monitor as a way to give back and ...

Rev. Herchel Sheets passing Sunday school lesson torch

published 5/30/2012
By Glenn Hannigan, Editor, North Georgia Advocate This is a historic edition of the South Georgia Advocate. After 37 years of writing insightful, relevant and well-crafted Sunday school lessons for the Advocate, the Rev. Herchel Sheets is calling it quits.  At age 83, Rev. Sheets is not hanging up his keyboard - far from it. He is simply ending his long run as a contributor to the Advocate to focus on other writing projects. “I have a series of articles I am working on,” Rev. Sheets said, “under...

Vineville volunteers show God's love by renovating homes

published 5/30/2012
By Christie Johnson Sitting on her front porch, Lillie Ruth Wade prayed over the members of Vineville United Methodist Church in Macon. She calls them “God’s Angels.”  At 83 years old, there are many things Wade still does. It’s what she couldn’t do that led this group to her home in the city’s Pleasant Hill community. In the last year, Vineville UMC has made rehabilitating Pleasant Hill their main mission through an outreach effort they are calling PleasantVille Neighbors. As part of that, ...

St. Marys UMC Foundation announces 17 grants for Spring 2012

published 5/23/2012
The Board of Directors of the St. Marys United Methodist Church Foundation, Inc. has approved grants for the Spring 2012 Grant Cycle.  Grants totaling $748,500 will be made to 17 charitable organizations the week of June 4, 2012.  The following is a brief description of each recipient and the purpose of the grant. Brantley County Family Connections A $25,000 grant to provide operational support for Brantley County ROCKS (Rally Our Community and Kids Against Substance Abuse), a project of the ...

Guaranteed appointments ended, Judicial Council review pending

published 5/18/2012
On the second day of plenary sessions, General Conference delegates made a major change to the long-standing United Methodist itinerancy system when they voted in favor of ending guaranteed appointments for ordained clergy.  By ending guaranteed appointments for ordained elders, provisional members and associate members, bishops and cabinets will be allowed to make less than full-time appointments. Proponents say removing ineffective pastors will be easier. The petition focused on paragraph ...

Delegates meet SEJ episcopal nominees

published 5/17/2012
General Conference delegates and others from the Southeastern Jurisdiction (SEJ) of The United Methodist Church met their 14 SEJ episcopal nominees, including two from the South Georgia Conference, on Tuesday, May 1 and Wednesday, May 2. Seven of the 14 candidates spoke during General Conference’s lunch break on Tuesday, including Rev. Robert Beckum, and the remaining seven, including Dr. Ivelisse Quiñones, had their turn on Wednesday. Rev. Beckum, senior pastor at St. Luke United Methodist ...

South Georgians to serve at general church level

published 5/17/2012
Three South Georgia Conference laity have been selected and elected to serve on the general church level of The United Methodist Church. South Georgia Conference Chancellor Warren Plowden, a member of Vineville United Methodist Church in Macon, was elected as a lay alternate to The United Methodist Church’s Judicial Council, the denomination’s highest judicial body. Two clergy, two laity, and six clergy and laity alternates were elected during General Conference’s Monday, April 30 proceedings. ...

2012 General Conference tackles challenging issues

published 5/16/2012
By Rich Peck* United Methodists from five continents addressed a wide range of challenging issues, including church structure and human sexuality, and engaged in an Act of Repentance toward indigenous people during their 10-day legislative gathering. Meeting in the Tampa Convention Center, steps away from the waters of Tampa Bay, the 988 delegates recalled through worship, song and sermon the healing and transforming ministry of Jesus beside the Sea of Galilee. As storms on the Sea of Galilee ...

Changing the world, one community at a time

published 5/8/2012
By Kara Witherow, Editor Poulan United Methodist Church wants to be a church that does something. They’ll do just that May 19-20, joining thousands of other United Methodist congregations around the world for “Change the World” weekend. “Too often we get stuck inside the box of a sanctuary and are not really thinking about what’s outside and what we can be doing for our community,” said Poulan UMC pastor Rev. Nate Lehman. “I really base it on loving our neighbors. We want to be a church that ...

Egg hunt helps Harvest Church spread Easter message, share God's love

published 5/8/2012
By Kara Witherow, Editor More than 25,000 eggs were scooped up in less than five minutes at Harvest United Methodist Church’s annual Easter egg hunts. Nearly 5,000 people attended one of Harvest Church’s five egg hunts, which were held immediately following five of the church’s eight Easter worship services. What used to be held on the weekend preceding Easter is now an event held in conjunction with the Easter worship services. The timing is intentional and by design, church leaders say. In ...

Pastor's passion for music leads to Idol experience

published 5/8/2012
By Kara Witherow, Editor Music and singing have long been passions of Moultrie First United Methodist Church pastor Rev. Mark Addington. Growing up in Thomasville, he sang in church and in the youth choir. While in college at Florida State University, he played trumpet as a member of the Marching Chiefs. And at Candler School of Theology he sang in a men’s a cappella group. “If I wasn’t in ministry I think I would move to Orlando and audition to be in one of their bands or do something ...

Valdosta District hosts UMW Teen Rally

published 5/7/2012
The annual Hands on Mission Rally for Teens and Young Women was held on Saturday, Feb. 4 at Adel United Methodist Church.  The United Methodist Women ladies, girls’ unit, teen girls and other youth numbered 30 in attendance.  Adel UMW President Debbie Buckholtz led the meeting and rally.  Those in attendance participated in the Ministry through Meals project which Adel has just begun.  This project sprung from the mind of an Adel youth, Brandon Holt.  Brandon visited Nashville United Methodist ...

AGING WELL: Epworth "Grand Camp" fosters special bonds

published 5/6/2012
By Missy Buchanan UMR Columnist  A grandmother paused while her 9-year old grandson tried to scoop up sand with his bare feet. For the last half-hour, they had been strolling along the wide beach of the Atlantic, feeling the mist on their faces and picking up sea shells. She couldn’t remember the last time she had felt so free to enjoy her grandson in the beauty of nature.  Over the years she had traveled many places with all three of her grandchildren. They had ridden horses in the mountains ...

General Church Reduces Budget for 2013-2016

published 5/4/2012
General Conference delegates approved a $603.1 million budget for the next four years, beginning in 2013.  This is a reduction of $38.7 million or 6%. Moses Kumar, the General Secretary of General Council on Finance and Administration, stated that this is the first quadrennial budget ever to be presented to the conference that is a reduction over previous quadrennia.  This budget reduction follows extensive study over the quadrennium that has taken into consideration the economic conditions and...

Judicial Council voids Plan UMC

published 5/4/2012
(UMNS) A compromise restructure plan for The United Methodist Church, adopted earlier this week by the 2012 General Conference, was declared “unconstitutional” May 4. That unanimous ruling came from the nine-member United Methodist Judicial Council, which had been asked by General Conference to make a declaratory decision on the constitutionality of “Plan UMC.” “Under the Constitution, the creation and establishment of general Church board and agencies, the fixing of their structure, the ...

General Conference votes to end "guaranteed appointments"

published 5/1/2012
Many delegates were surprised and even shocked by how quickly a far-reaching proposal that takes away the security of guaranteed appointments for ordained elders breezed by The United Methodist 2012 General Conference. The item was approved as part of a large number of proposals in the assembly’s April 30 consent calendar. The consent calendar is a tool used by General Conference to expedite legislation wherein recommendations from legislative committees with no more than 10 votes in opposition ...

Bishop King preaches message of inclusion, invitation, love

published 4/26/2012
By Kara Witherow After an intense plenary session that included the report of the Call to Action committee, a much-welcomed worship service was ushered in by General Conference worship director Marcia McFee. “What are the things you need to let go of to hear Jesus Christ more clearly?” she asked those watching in person and online. Full of pageantry and symbolism, a dance of hospitality and a song and prayer of thanksgiving helped usher delegates and General Conference attendees into a state of ...

Keeping up with General Conference

published 4/20/2012
General Conference 2012 will open on Tuesday, April 24, at the Tampa (Fla.) Convention Center and remain in session through Friday, May 4. As the only body that can speak as The United Methodist Church, the 988 delegates from around the world will write The Book of Discipline 2012 and The Book of Resolutions 2012, adopt a budget for general church operations during 2013-16, elect members of the Judicial Council and the University Senate and take other actions. The assembly will open with ...

Following in their fathers' footsteps

published 4/19/2012
By Kara Witherow, Editor Following in a father’s footsteps sometimes means filling some pretty big shoes. Or, in the case of Revs. Thad Haygood and Jack Varnell, some pretty big clergy robes. Just as their fathers have done, both Rev. Haygood and Rev. Varnell serve South Georgia United Methodist churches. Rev. Haygood is the senior pastor of Dublin First United Methodist Church, and Rev. Varnell, a third-generation United Methodist pastor, serves Unity and Live Oak United Methodist Churches.  ...

Harp to serve as Summer Camp Director

published 4/18/2012
The Office of Connectional Ministries is in intense planning mode for the 2012 summer camp season.  Leadership Team members – the camp’s college-aged counselors – have been hired, brochures have been printed and mailed, and registration information is now online. Rev. C. J. Harp, campus minister at Valdosta State University’s Wesley Foundation, has been hired to serve as Summer Camp Director for the 2012 summer season. Rev. Harp will maintain his appointment as Wesley Foundation Director, but ...

Join in prayer for General Conference and the South Georgia delegation

published 4/18/2012
The beauty of being a part of a connectional church is that we can call on one another to pray and support each other in prayer. As the 2012 General Conference approaches, it is important to know our prayer foundation is firm and we are connected in a global prayer network. To join with our delegation in support and prayer, we asked them the following: How can we, as an Annual Conference, specifically pray for our delegation as you prepare and participate in the 2012 General Conference session? ...

South Georgia delegates prepare for General Conference

published 4/18/2012
{Visit for all of the latest General Conference information.} By Kara Witherow, Editor* More than 10 months of prayer, preparation and planning will culminate next week as General Conference convenes in Tampa, Fla. Every four years, United Methodists from around the world gather together to set policies, pass resolutions, worship, and fellowship. This year, the General Conference, The United Methodist Church’s top legislative body, will gather April 24-May 4.  Ten delegates...

Summer camps offer fun, faith for elementary and middle-school students

published 4/18/2012
Temperatures are rising in South Georgia, and with warmer weather come thoughts of vacations, beach trips and summer camps. With campers set to arrive less than two months, planning and preparation for the South Georgia Conference Summer Camps programs are well under way, says Camp Director Rev. C.J. Harp. The theme of this year’s camps is “The Deep,” based on Ephesians 3:17b-19, which reads, “And I ask him that with both feet planted firmly on love, you'll be able to take in with all followers...

Wesleyan College again a Top Ten 'Best Value' Private Colleges

published 4/6/2012
Macon’s Wesleyan College is a “Best Value” private college for 2012, according to The Princeton Review, one of the United States’ most widely known education services and test preparation companies. The Princeton Review teamed with USA TODAY, the nation's most widely read print newspaper, to present its list, “The Princeton Review Best Value Colleges for 2012.”  The list features 150 schools in 37 states – 75 public and 75 private colleges and universities.  Of the 75 schools chosen in each ...

South Georgia prepares for 2012 Annual Conference session

published 4/5/2012
Plans are quickly taking shape for the 2012 South Georgia Annual Conference session, scheduled for June 3-5 in Macon at the Macon Centreplex. With a theme of “Let the Redeemed Say So,” based on Psalm 107:2, this year’s Annual Conference session will give attendees the opportunity to gather together in fellowship and worship.  “The annual conference session is always a highly anticipated time when we celebrate what God has been doing through the congregations and ministries that make up the ...

Arco UMC Pastor portrays Biblical characters

published 4/4/2012
By Kara Witherow, Editor On a typical Sunday morning, Rev. George Herndon sports traditional church garb: a button-down shirt, a tie, a suit, and closed-toe shoes. But during the past five Sundays, from March 4 through April 1, Rev. Herndon, pastor of Brunswick’s Arco United Methodist Church, traded his typical sermons for dramatic interpretations of scripture and tossed his traditional trappings for more authentic attire. Portraying David, the shepherd boy, Rev. Herndon swapped his shirt for a ...

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