2013 Bishop's Hour focuses on transition, Project Turnaround, encouragement


To view the 2013 Bishop’s Hour, visit www.bishopking.org and click on the “Bishop’s Hour” tab. The complete 2013 Bishop’s Hour presentation is available as well as three individual segments.

During the 2013 Bishop’s Hour on Sunday, Oct. 13, Bishop James King, Jr. updated the South Georgia Conference on the Executive Transition Team’s progress and timeline as they work to reduce the Conference from nine to six districts, informed listeners of Project Turnaround’s status, and preached a short but impactful message.

Streamed live online for the first time, this year’s Bishop’s Hour was filmed at Martha Bowman United Methodist Church in Macon but was viewed in several host church locations where the live feed was shown; anyone with an Internet connection was also able to watch it live.

Bishop King also briefed viewers on the Executive Transition Team’s updated timeline, the work they’ve already done to reduce the Conference from nine to six districts, and outlined its next steps.

The Transition Team will meet next on Tuesday, Oct. 22 and Thursday, Dec. 5, and on Jan. 31, 2014, Bishop King will announce six district superintendents.

Click here to view a detailed, updated Executive Transition Team timeline.

“With these changes, the main job is still the main job,” Bishop King said. “We are to make disciples of Jesus Christ.”

Sharing sobering statistics regarding membership and attendance numbers, including that the Conference has shown a decline in membership for the past 25 years, Bishop King reminded the Conference of its need for Project Turnaround.

“We are looking up,” he said, “and we can see all of the wonderful things going on in the South Georgia Conference. But we also see that there are some challenges that remain.”

Growing a Christlike world is as easy as a, b, c, Bishop King said as he outlined three necessary steps: A is having a disciple plan; B is looking at your context; and C is measuring and affirming (through the Five-Star Loving Accountability model).

“Our vision is clear,” he said. “Our method is sound. The challenge is around teaching … teaching the values of the faith. If the people are not taught what to do, they won’t know how.”

As he closed the 2013 Bishop’s Hour, Bishop King encouraged South Georgia United Methodists to give their best and to love one another.

“There are 130,000 United Methodists in the South Georgia Conference. What if our 130,000 committed themselves to give their best? To give their best in teaching, in loving and in giving?”

God is a great and loving God, Bishop King said, and when reconnected to Him, congregations and the Conference will experience revival.

“If we give our best, God will bless us. Let us give our best, and God will do the rest.” 

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