2017 appointment-making season begins in the South Georgia Conference


It’s appointment-making season in The United Methodist Church, and on Feb. 20 Bishop Bryan and the Appointive Cabinet will meet for several days to pray, worship, and begin the decision-making process of appointments. The 2017-2018 appointment-making schedule is available here.

“Our appointment system is really not so much about moving preachers from one place to the next, it’s about sending people, lay and clergy, into those places of service into the world so they can be a part of the gospel of Jesus Christ,” said Bishop Bryan in a video explaining South Georgia’s appointment-making process. “It is a sending process.”

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The Appointive Cabinet will meet beginning Feb. 20 and will meet nearly weekly through April to make decisions and to prayerfully seek God’s guidance. Throughout the process District Superintendents will continue to be in conversation with congregations and clergy.

“Appointments are not made in a vacuum. We are involved together in the process.”

Assessing the leadership needs of the churches and the local communities is important as the Appointive Cabinet does its work, Bishop Bryan said.

“We deploy the resources God has given us in a way that can be most effective in His service.”

Different than in years past, appointments will not be released on a week-by-week basis as they are made, but rather will be released at the same time, to local churches on April 23 and to the public, via the Conference website, on April 24.

“This is important to me because it’s a way of saying no one’s appointment will be shared until everyone’s appointment can be shared,” Bishop Bryan said. “We are in a covenant together; we care for each other. We are alive together in Christ, and I want the way we make appointments and even the way we announce them to reflect the fact that we are alive, we are together, and we are in Christ.”