2019 Conference budget reduced by nearly 6 percent


The Council on Finance and Administration (CF&A) is proposing a 2019 budget that is a nearly 6 percent decrease from the 2018 budget of $10,662,813. The proposed 2019 budget, to be presented to and voted upon at the 2018 Annual Conference session, is $10,062,826.

Most of the decrease is due to a reduction in the Pre-82 pension apportionment of $650,400. The proposed 2019 budget does include a salary increase for conference staff of 2.5 percent and a raise for Cabinet-level staff, along with associated increased taxes and benefits. If the budget is passed, the amount that will be apportioned to local churches in 2019 will be $10,062,826.

“Both CF&A and our Board of Pensions are very pleased to be able to lower our Pre-82 pension apportionment,” said Dr. Derek W. McAleer, Conference Treasurer. “Back in the late 1980s we entered into an agreement with churches in the conference to pay off this pension liability over three decades, and the churches have done their part. I am particularly thankful for the wise way my predecessor, Miriam Hagan, managed these funds over the years. Because of her stewardship, we are able to reduce the asking ahead of what we originally planned and still meet our full obligation by the December 2021 deadline.”

CF&A projects a deficit of $412,978, assuming the Conference collect’s 92 percent of apportionments, spends 100 percent of the Conference budget, pays 92 percent of the General Church apportionments, and receives $25,000 in investment income. The projected deficit can be lowered if more than 92 percent is collected and/or less than 100 percent of the budget is spent or if additional investment and miscellaneous income is collected. The projected deficit is also likely to be lower because the Conference rarely spends 100 percent of budgeted items, Dr. McAleer said.

CF&A also projected a deficit in 2017, but revenues and expenses actually produced a positive surplus of $185,676. The same was true in 2016, except the surplus totaled $145,918.

Congregations have been generous in their apportionment giving, and in 2017, for the third straight year, apportionment giving in the South Georgia Conference was above 90 percent.

Click here to view the proposed 2019 budget (CFA Report #6).

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