A Message from the Bishop: Rethink, Revisit, & Revise


The conference has spoken.

The South Georgia Annual Conference has decided to move from 9 districts to 6.

This year will be a year of transition and major adjustments.  Some plans for the immediate future will be altered to accommodate this new direction.

We have entered a new season. Now is the season to Rethink, Revisit, and Revise!

A change in our district structure will introduce us to new opportunities.  These changes will challenge everyone to consider more creative ways to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.  Growing a Christlike World by developing a disciple plan for yourself and your congregation is still our primary goal as believers of Jesus Christ.

Although our structure will change during the 2013-2014 annual conference year, our mission remains the same.  We will keep you informed as we move through this transition season.  The Episcopal Office, District Superintendents Office, and Connectional Ministries Office will be reliable sources for an accurate report on our progress.

Many of you will be called upon to assist in this transition.  All of you are called upon to pray for us to work together to Grow a Christlike World regardless of the structures in which we find ourselves.

This is a season to: RETHINK, REVISIT, and REVISE!

Remember, God’s will for us is good.  We must do the rest.

With Love,

James King