Andrew College trustees invest in nursing


The Andrew College board of trustees approved a plan to submit an application to the Georgia Board of Nursing for a new associate degree in nursing. Based upon a report given by Interim Dean Academic Affairs Dick McCallum, Ph.D., Andrew’s trustees were enthusiastic about the progress made since their previous meeting in September. Among the items included in the report was the identification and hiring of a new Director of Nursing and Professor of Nursing, Debra C. Hairr, D.H.Sc, M.S.N., RNC-OB, who will begin full-time on May 5. 

President Linda R. Buchanan, Ph.D., said, “The hiring of Debra Hairr, who will lead us through the Georgia Board of Nursing’s accreditation, is one of the biggest hurdles in this process.” Among the numerous standards for accreditation, the Georgia Board of Nursing requires an institution seeking candidacy for accreditation to hire Director of Nursing a year and a half prior to welcoming its first cohort of nursing students. 

Cuthbert Mayor and Andrew trustee, Steve Whatley, said, “This new degree program will have a profound impact on our local community, desperate for qualified healthcare providers. It’s a win-win for both the College and for our citizens.”

In addition to seeking its accreditation from the Georgia Board of Nursing, Andrew College will also submit a change request to the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on College (SACSCOC). Pending approval from both the Georgia Board of Nursing and the SACSCOC, Andrew College should welcome its first cohort of nursing students in the fall of 2017.