Annual Conference daily recap – Wednesday, June 3


Opening Worship

During Wednesday afternoon's opening worship service, Bishop King introduced the Annual Conference session's theme of "We're Better Together" and emphasized the importance of Christian fellowship.

"Our theme is 'We're Better Together.' Hear this - it's a big deal," he said. "Big deals are relative. For some, it's a big deal to learn to ride a bike. For others it's a big deal to learn to drive a car. For Christians, there's one thing that is a big deal that is the same for us all, all the time. It's that God so loved the world that Jesus Christ would die for our salvation.

"Be in Christian fellowship. Now that's a big deal!"

The 2015 Special Offering for South Georgia Wesley Foundations was collected during the service. Together local churches gave over $26,000 to support the work that our Wesley Foundations do on college campuses.

Business Session

The Business Session of the 2015 Annual Conference opened with the historic hymn, And Are We Yet Alive. Bishop King called the session to order. This is Bishop King’s seventh Annual Conference to preside over since becoming the resident bishop of the South Georgia Area.

Mr. Lamar Martin, lay member of Tifton First UMC and co-chair of Local Arrangements, welcomed South Georgia United Methodists to Tifton. Dr. Joe West, Assistant Dean at the UGA College of Agricultural and Environmental Science, extended a welcome from the Tifton community.

In the Business Session Wednesday afternoon, the conference:  

  • heard the Lay Leader's Addresses by Mrs. Gloria Morgan. Mrs. Morgan reminded us that “the journey is one that requires devotion, dedication, and discipline to be effective in the work we are called to do.”
  • approved changes to the Standing Rules of the Conference.
  • were invited to attend the 2015 Georgia Pastors’ School set for July 20-23 at Epworth By The Sea. More information can be found at
  • approved the conference trustees report presented by Mr. Sam Warren, chair the Conference Trustees, and Mr. Warren Plowden.
  • heard the report of the conference personnel committee given by Rev. Mike McAfee.
  • approved the Board of Pensions and Health Benefits report given by Rev. Tommy Mason and the HealthFlex report given by Mrs. Lauren Griner Isom. The General Board of Pensions presented Mrs. Miriam Hagan with a token of appreciation and thanked her for her commitment to The United Methodist Church.
  • honored 5 Star and 4 Star Pastors for 2015. There were 59 Five Star Pastors and 157 Four Star Pastors. Click here to view the list of names.
  • celebrated with the ministry of New and Revitalized Congregational Development as they highlighted “The Top 12 things the church should do more often” with a video. Mrs. Karen Hahn then introduced a resource called MissionInsite that South Georgia Churches have access to use.
Memorial Service with Holy Communion
A Memorial Service for those faithful servants who have served in our Conference was held on Wednesday evening at 7:30 p.m. Rev. Ronnie Wills gave a moving message as he remembered those who have gone before us.

“When we are a part of the church and the Father's business we are not alone,” said Rev. Wills.

“The list (of deceased clergy and clergy spouses) represents many, many years of ministry in the name of Jesus Christ,” said Rev. Wills. “And now they are a part of the great cloud of witnesses.”

Those being remembered include:

Deceased Clergy
Rev. Anthony H. Smith 11/30/1946 - 5/8/2014
Rev. Betty Walker-Lanier 7/15/1952 - 5/8/2014
Rev. Thomas J. Lewis 10/29/1944 - 5/16/2014
Rev. Jefferson D. Corbitt, Jr. 11/1/1926 - 6/22/2014
Rev. Carl Rabon Stephens 5/11/1935 - 6/27/2014
Rev. Pledger Wilson Parker 9/20/1921 - 7/16/2014
Rev. Owen Bartley Williams, Jr. 12/27/1938 - 7/22/2014
Rev. Lamar Pool Rabun 5/7/1925 - 8/5/2014
Rev. William Langdon Peed 11/5/1917 - 9/21/2014
Rev. Euell Thomas Stroud 3/31/1931 - 9/22/2014
Rev. John D. Taylor, III. 11/21/1943 - 10/30/2014
Rev. William Broughton Howell 7/28/1926 - 1/7/2015
Rev. William Hubert Hurdle 5/24/1927 - 1/24/2015
Rev. Joseph Aaron Kelley 8/3/1934 - 2/3/2015
Rev. William L. Oliver, Jr. 12/26/1930 - 2/4/2015
Rev. Hugh L. Waldorf 7/17/1938 - 2/11/2015
Rev. Marcelene N. Huff 10/10/1937 - 2/21/2015
Rev. Rocky A. Northington 12/21/1954 - 2/21/2015
Rev. Quentin A. Baker 5/9/1948 - 2/22/2015
Rev. Charles J. Harper 1/24/1928 - 3/1/2015
Rev. Herbert Ronald Register 9/11/1947 - 3/4/2015
Bishop Charles W. “Handy” Hancock 2/2/1924 - 3/13/2015
Rev. Hugh Ervine Shirah 3/8/1938 - 3/14/2015
Rev. Bruce Russell Sack 12/3/1965 - 3/25/2015

Deceased Clergy Spouses
Mrs. Augusta S. Carruth
Spouse of Wade Carlton Carruth*
7/17/1921 - 4/29/2014
Mrs. Leola Pinder Dennis
Spouse of William Edwin Dennis*
9/18/1911 - 5/1/2014
Mrs. Alice W. Robertson
Spouse of richard robertson*
5/2/1934 - 5/25/2014
Mrs. Doris Yaun Harrell
Spouse of N. Max Harrell, Sr.*
12/13/1928 - 5/26/2014
Mrs. Ada Elizabeth Mitchell
Spouse of E. Floyd Mitchell*
10/25/1936 - 7/9/2014
Mrs. Marian Patricia Treadway
Spouse of Danny Eugene Treadway
6/30/1940 - 7/24/2014
Mrs. Wynona Carter Carlson Clements
Spouse of John Monroe Clements
6/6/1935 - 9/30/2014
Mrs. Sarah Elizabeth Knight
Spouse of Clarence F. Knight, Jr.*
8/30/1925 - 11/6/2014
Mrs. Melrose Akins Deloach Callaway Riggs
Spouse of William T. Deloach*
1/8/1926 - 11/21/2014
Mrs. Bertha Nell Key Bagwell
Spouse of John Milton Bagwell
10/12/1927 - 11/29/2014
Mrs. Bonita Holloway
Spouse of Milton Huie Holloway*
8/5/1935 - 12/5/2014
Mrs. Frances Gorham Stramoski
Spouse of Jack Irving Gorham*
3/23/1933 - 1/16/2015
Mrs. Harriet I. Godbee
Spouse of M. B. Ingram*
8/24/1922 - 1/17/2015
Mrs. Dorothea Sonja Brinson
Spouse of Harold E. Brinson, Sr.*
5/29/1930 - 2/20/2015
Mrs. Margaret Coffey Langston
Spouse of James Langston, Sr.*
8/10/1934 - 3/7/2015

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