April 19: An update on the appointment-making process


To the South Georgia Conference:

The appointive cabinet and I thank you for your prayers for God’s guidance in the appointment process. We have felt your prayers and have been constantly reminded that in the South Georgia Conference we are Alive Together in Christ
I am pleased to announce that we are on track in terms of the previously announced times and process for the release of the appointments.  
First, I remind PPR/SPR chairpersons that on Sunday, April 23, they are free to announce the projected appointment they have received from their District Superintendent. The PPR/SPR chair may phone the projected pastor to offer a welcome. Other congregational leaders may do so as well. Site visits by the projected clergy to the newly projected appointment may be planned after May 1. 
Second, all appointments currently projected will be listed on the conference website at 2:00 p.m. on Sunday, April 23. Please note that this is a change from the original release date of April 24.
There may be a few projected appointments not yet ready to be released. In such cases, we will announce those appointments as soon as projections are complete.
I ask for your continued prayers for every church and every pastor and extension minister in our conference.

Alive Together in Christ,

Lawson Bryan