August 4, 1727 - An Important Day in the Life of John Wesley



On Aug. 4, 1727, John Wesley left his classes at Oxford to help his father. A “Fellow of Lincoln College” during those days could do that sort of thing. Samuel Wesley needed his son to help him get out of debt. So John became his curate (assistant pastor) and served a little church at Wroote across the river from Epworth where his father was pastor.

Except for his time in Georgia, this was the only pastorate John Wesley ever served. Epworth was located on an island made up of four rivers. It was a very isolated community, but Wroote was even more isolated. So much so that it was often called “Wroote Outside of England”. John labored there for almost two years. He was very happy when he was finally called back to Oxford.

Much later, after his heart warming experience at Aldersgate, he returned to preach for two weeks at Epworth and Wroote. He wrote in his diary, “I did more good in those two weeks than I did in the two years I had worked there earlier…” He said that during those first two years he did not call people to repentance because at that time he assumed that everyone was already Christian.