Bishop Bryan presents Vital Signs Assessment Tool to Conference


The “Alive Together in Worship” theme was woven throughout the 2017 Annual Conference session as Dr. Lovett Weems, Distinguished Professor of Christian Leadership at Wesley Theological Seminary, taught three sessions based on his book, “Overflow: Increase Worship Attendance and Bear More Fruit.” Each of the sessions was geared toward helping the conference achieve its goal of increasing average worship attendance by 10 percent.

To accompany the teaching moments and help congregations and individuals, Bishop Bryan created a “Vital Signs for Healthy Congregations Assessment Tool.” It can be used for personal reflection as well as to help direct critical conversations within local congregations.

“Worship is the primary arena in which we experience firsthand what it means to be Alive Together in Christ,” Bishop Bryan said. “So when I think about vital signs in terms of the life of the Church, I immediately think of worship.”

The Vital Signs Assessment Tool uses the 4-D process (Discover, Dream, Design, Deliver) to help laity, clergy, and congregations gauge their health, vitality, and wellness as they seek to become more Alive Together in Christ through worship.

The resource includes practical steps for increasing worship attendance and should be used regularly. Click here to access it and other helpful resources.

Teaching Moment #1 - Dr. Lovett Weems 
Teaching Moment #2 - Dr. Lovett Weems
Teaching Moment #3 - Dr. Lovett Weems