Campus Ministry helps students tell the story of God's love in their lives


Let the Redeemed Say So - Psalm 107:2

A Note from Rev. Cindy Autry
Executive Director of the Georgia United Methodist Commission on Higher Education and Campus Ministry 
( or 770-854-7283)

Do your high school students a favor! Take them to visit a UM college campus or get them in touch with a Wesley Foundation director. Be sure they have the information they need to choose a college where they can learn, find encouragement, and grow in faith. Be sure they will have a supportive community waiting for them when they step onto the college campus.

The United Methodist Church is involved in God’s work of shaping lives and making disciples through our UM-related colleges and our Wesley Foundations. Our schools offer the finest academic programs in the context of caring Christian atmospheres and spiritual life programs led by campus chaplains. Our Wesley Foundations on state campuses provide safe, supportive fellowships where students grow in faith and discipleship and develop skills for leadership.

Thank you for keeping UM-related higher education and campus ministry strong. Your Higher Education Apportionment provides basic support for our Georgia UM schools and Wesley Foundations. Your Black College Fund Apportionment provides support for two of our schools. Your prayers, financial support, and referral of students are important as college graduates take their places of service and leadership in the church and the world each year. Our students are grateful for a church that stands with them!

We posted the following question to college students involved in Campus Ministries across South Georgia: How does your involvement with the Wesley Foundation help you tell your story/tell the story of God’s love in your life?.  Here are their responses.

Andrew College
I am originally from Mexico City, Mexico. The transition to a new culture was difficult, having to learn a new language and culture. However, through God I was able to work through it. I have always played soccer, and being an athlete helped me get the opportunity to go to Andrew College. Through the Wesley Foundation, I have been provided many spiritual opportunities to help grow my faith and spread God’s love while on campus these past two years. I am truly blessed and proud to be involved with the Wesley campus ministry.

- Elvin Mendieta, a 21-year-old Andrew College sophomore majoring in business administration from Mexico City, Mexico.

Armstrong Atlantic State University
The Bible is full of the stories of God’s love, mercy and grace, no doubt, but they are also stories of failure. Tonight at Wesley we discussed how even after our most “epic fails” God still desires to use us. One of the most important aspects of God’s love in my life is that he is constantly calling me closer to Him. This is what Wesley has been in my life: God’s love, mercy and grace constantly calling me closer to Him through the food, fellowship, and devotion of our campus ministry, even after I fail to do God’s will.

- Sara Longaberger, a 21-year-old Armstrong Atlantic State University senior from Savannah. Sara, a member of White Bluff United Methodist Church, is majoring in Spanish.

Georgia Southern University 
I am a freshman at Georgia Southern University and prior to coming to campus I didn’t know anyone in Statesboro. I was only an acquaintance with a neighbor, down the street in Glennville, who attends GSU. She told me all about Wesley Foundation and invited me to the Wednesday night gatherings. I decided to attend and the moment I walked into the building I was greeted with love and genuine interest by the campus pastor. The worship was amazing and the message he spoke the first night cut deep into my heart. I decided to quickly get plugged in with Wesley and started attending their Morning Prayer and chapel time, and the Lord has been revealing His love for me and this campus more and more every day. God has been blessing me so much through this amazing ministry and I am so thankful that Wesley Foundation is here at GSU. I believe God has placed this staff and intern team here at GSU for a very specific reason, and it is because He wants these college students on this campus to know Him and be invited into His Kingdom!

- Richard Fischl, 20, a Georgia Southern University freshman majoring in sociology from Glennville. His home church is Glennville First Baptist Church.

Georgia Southwestern State University
I transferred to Georgia Southwestern for the winter semester of 2012. This was very exciting for me as I was able to join my twin sister at the same school. I was also excited because I knew that I would be able to be involved in the same campus ministry with her. She has been so encouraged, and relieved, that she was able to find a place to continue to grow her faith. My involvement with the Wesley Foundation has really allowed me to grow in my faith too. I have formed many lasting friendships and have become involved in the many activities offered there. Weekly meetings for worship have benefited me greatly and I am encouraged to dig deeper in the word through my own personal devotions as I am challenged by the messages. I gain strength by knowing that there are others at the Wesley House that genuinely care for me and are willing to share in my struggles, just as I am for them. The Wesley House is a reflection of Christ’s love and I am blessed to be a part of it!

- Amanda Franklin, 21, a Georgia Southwestern State University junior majoring in history from Snellville. Her home church is Snellville United Methodist Church.

Valdosta State University 
The Wesley Foundation has been a blessing in my life. It is my home away from home where I get to fellowship with other people that love God. Here at the Wesley, we strive to create a culture of discipleship by investing one on one with students on a weekly basis. Through discipleship God has put people in my life to shepherd me on my walk. I look forward to my discipleship times each week. God has taught me so much thus far and I can’t wait to grow deeper. I pray that God will use me to shine his light no matter where life takes me.

- Sara Unger, a 21-year-old Valdosta State University senior from Albany majoring in early childhood education. Sara is a member of Albany First United Methodist Church.

Wesleyan College
My involvement with ministry on campus allows me to share and continue my journey with God. Many times your faith is challenged, but by having the opportunity to stay involved and lead the campus in worship has kept me close to God.  Within those challenges, I have been able to explore and question my faith in many ways. As a result, my trust in my faith has grown stronger and has inclined me to share this strength with others. I believe my ministry involvement in college has set the foundation for me to continue my spiritual journey for the rest of my life.

- Cara McHenry, a 21-year-old Wesleyan College senior from Fayetteville, Ga. majoring in Human Services with a minor in Religious Studies. Her home church is Fayetteville First United Methodist Church.

Wesley Foundation of Macon
I experience God’s love most through others, and the community of Wesley Foundation allows me to experience that. In the stressful environment of college that focuses on success, it is nice to have a reminder through kind actions and words of encouragement by others that God loves me as I am. I am also pushed to grow in my faith and am able to do that through this community. My experiences at Wesley encourage me to share God’s love with others through encouragement, prayer, service, and teaching. It is through Wesley that I have experienced God’s love and have been able to share that with others.

- Lorin Sullivan, a 21-year-old Mercer University student from Macon. She is a senior sociology major and member of Forest Hills United Methodist Church.

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