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Central UMC’s Work-Out Bible Study aims to firm body, mind, soul


By Kara Witherow, Editor

Like many at the beginning of a new year, in 2021 Kindall Strahan resolved to take her health more seriously.

The wife and mother of four had battled a long-term infection and various health issues since her second daughter was born eight years ago. A former dancer, she was tired of being sick and tired.

“I knew I had to be wholly healthy,” said Strahan, the secretary at Central United Methodist Church in Fitzgerald. “I had to turn to God to be healthy.”

A busy mom, Strahan’s only free time came during her lunch break, so she decided to spend that time exercising and studying scripture. She started a midday Work-Out Bible Study and, knowing others might be in a similar situation, invited the congregation and community to join.

“It’s a workout and a Bible study because you need both – you need exercise and good nutrition for your body and your mind,” she said.

An eight-week program that began Nov. 9, Central UMC’s Work-Out Bible Study offers two options, a medium-intensity workout on Tuesdays and an hour-long, low-intensity, low-mobility workout on Thursdays.

Each class opens with prayer and includes scripture readings and Bible study.

“We get into a state of mind that says we’re here, we’re focusing on God, we’re getting our minds ready to be in tune with the Lord and what He wants us to do,” Strahan said. “And we’re using our bodies as part of that.”

The Tuesday class uses a 30-minute online program called “SoulStrength Fit.” Strahan developed Thursday’s class herself, creating a short Bible study followed by a 20- to 30-minute chair workout.

Strahan laughs at the idea that she’s a workout instructor. Not a trained professional, she just wants to be healthy – physically, mentally, and spiritually – and invited others to join.

“I’m just like the people coming to these workout Bible studies; I’m trying to be more health conscious. Anybody can do this.”

One’s faith can’t be separated from health, Strahan said, and she believes people need to pay time and attention to their whole being.

“My hope is that people will pay as much time and attention to their mental and spiritual wellbeing as they do to their bodies,” she said. “I want us to focus not necessarily on just losing 20 pounds, but maybe on gaining closure for themselves or getting closer to the Lord or using their body as a temple and making room for their mind and heart and soul. That’s the biggest thing.”

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