Conference apportionment giving tops 90 percent for third straight year


For the third year year in a row, apportionment giving in the South Georgia Conference was above 90 percent.

The total collected for 2017 was $12,104,503.09. Of this, $9,446,709.22 was collected on a $10,474,609 budget. The remainder collected was district apportionments and advance special giving.  Total giving was up $583,935.15 from 2016. 

“This generosity is a real testimony to the heart of our congregations,” said Dr. Derek McAleer, Conference Treasurer. “There is so much that is fine and good about our United Methodist Church. Our apportionments support an abundance of honorable and uplifting mission work. The overwhelming support of our conference in the time of natural disaster this past year is just one example of how much more we are able to do together than we could do if we were all separate. I’m grateful to be part of this holy connection.”

In addition to what was received for apportionments, $71,734.42 was given for approved Special Sundays and $1,144,673.87 was given in advance specials and other missional giving (a large increase from 2016’s $617,692.13, mostly due to storm relief giving).

As they did in 2015 and 2016, the Northeast and Southwest Districts led in giving, paying 98.28 percent and 95.14 percent of their Conference apportionments, respectively.

Overall, 464 churches paid 100 percent of their conference apportionments (including 25 churches which paid more than 100 percent). Another 19 congregations paid 75 percent or more of their askings. Of the Conference’s 600 congregations, only 16 paid nothing on their conference askings.

“It’s remarkable that 77 percent of our churches paid 100 percent or more in 2017. The churches in the Northeast and Southwest Districts are especially to be commended for their high rate of investment in our mission work,” Dr. McAleer said. “Their leadership inspires the rest of us to do our share.”

The United Methodist Church reports strong giving, too, according to the denomination’s General Council on Finance and Administration reports. Click here to read a story from United Methodist News Service.

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