Conference Center Update


By Dr. Hal Brady

Someone once stated that there are three kicks in money. One comes in making it, another comes in having it, and a third comes in giving it. 

Churches and Conferences with exciting stewardship always have a number of people who especially enjoy this third kick – they delight in giving. 

I am so pleased to report that the South Georgia Conference also has a number of people who enjoy this third kick. More than 800 giving units have given $100,000 on reaching the first major leg of our recent campaign of getting 5,000 South Georgians to give $100 or more toward raising the funds for our new Conference Center.

I just wanted to express a big “Thank You” to all of you who have participated in reaching the first leg and encourage others of you to join us. The ultimate goal of this campaign is $500,000. 

So why give to this new Conference Center? 

  1. To glorify God.
  2. To give the South Conference a home.
  3. Joy in sharing.
  4. It is one of the best investments I know toward meeting the Episcopal and Administrative needs of our Conference.
  5. I’m grateful for God’s blessings to me.