Conference to consider, vote on two resolutions


Two resolutions have been presented for consideration and vote by the 2018 South Georgia Annual Conference. Resolutions, once approved by the Annual Conference, are statements that represent the position of the conference on a subject.

The first, the “Christian Spirituality Task Force” resolution, was written and submitted by four South Georgia pastors and one lay member of the annual conference. It calls on the presiding bishop to appoint a task force to study how the conference can more effectively train and educate clergy and laity in the practice of personal and corporate spiritual disciplines. It also calls for the task force to consider ministry opportunities that would help deepen peoples’ understanding and practice of spiritual disciplines.

The second resolution, submitted by five members of Fort Valley United Methodist Church, calls on the South Georgia Conference to, “affirm the present standards of our Discipline” and also, if passed, resolves that the Secretary of the Annual Conference, within 60 days, share a copy of the resolution and the vote count with the head of the General Conference delegation of each annual conference along with a request for the resolution to be shared with the delegations.

The resolutions will be presented to the annual conference Monday afternoon, June 4.

Read the resolutions in their entirety here.