Couple Cycles 3,000 Miles for The Methodist Home


A life-long United Methodist, Frank May wanted to do some small act to help better a child’s life. Susan, his wife, had a passionate desire to support The Methodist Home. Together, they decided to use their talent of riding bicycles to better a child’s life at The Home.

The Mays will ride from St. Augustine, Florida to San Diego, California, over 3,000 miles. The journey will take the couple two months to complete. Neither one has ever done such a ride before. 

“This purpose is just the kind of thing that our (United Methodist) church is instilling in its members,” said Susan. “We are encouraged to use our talents to serve and I believe that is exactly what we are doing.”

This is not their first act of kindness with The Methodist Home on the receiving end. When the Mays first started dating back in 2002 they decided to forgo traditional Christmas gifts in favor of gifts that would help others. They donated to The Methodist Home in each other’s honor.

Susan is passionate about The Methodist Home's cause and always tries to support any venue that helps families survive. 

“We want to ride, but we want to do more than just ride,” said Frank. “We want to ride in such a way that it helps change a child’s life.  Through the support we earn over the 3,000 miles, we will impact the lives of boys and girls at The Methodist Home.”

The Mays hope to travel about fifty-seven miles in a day. Frank and Susan will carry everything they need (tent, sleeping bag, mattress, clothes, shoes, rain gear, cookware, and the list goes on).

They also hope to carry your love and concern for abused boys and girls with them. Your pledge - per mile or just a total pledge - will be an encouragement as they cycle through the states.

Along their way, you can keep up with the adventures of Wes the Bear. Wes is a Methodist Home Bear that was given to Frank and Susan. They named him Wes after Methodist Founder, John Wesley.

"The parts of this journey that are exciting to me include the sheer dedication of Frank and Susan to do this to help our boys and girls; the opportunity to share the story of The Methodist Home to people who do not know about our ministry of healing and hope; and the way our young people are reminded that many, many adults do care for them, and want to be a helpful part of their life,” said Dr. Derek McAleer, Vice President for Development and Church Relations at The Methodist Home. “I think those who pledge to the ride and follow the Mays' journey online will find their own hearts encouraged."
You can follow the adventure by searching Bicycling for The Methodist Home on Facebook.

The Mays are also collecting online donations for The Methodist Home on The Home’s website,
You can help Frank and Susan May and the boys and girls of The Methodist Home with your prayers, your support of the bike ride, and by inviting the Mays to speak to your church, civic club, or other group about their ride. To schedule them to speak, send an email to or

ABOUT The Methodist Home–

Founded in 1872 in Macon, Georgia, The Methodist Home serves children, youth, and families in crisis. Residential campuses serve 130 youth across the state of Georgia, including Americus, Columbus, Macon, St. Marys, Valdosta, and Waverly Hall. The Home also serves another 400 families annually with community-based services through its Lighthouse for Families program.

The Methodist Home for boys and regional office in St. Marys opened in 2002 and serves young men ages 12 – 17. With a capacity of 12 residents, the home has stayed at or near capacity since opening.           

Mission Statement of The Methodist Home: “In response to Christ and the Church, the mission of the Methodist Home is to be a model organization that restores childhoods, strengthens families and cultivates a people-building organization.”