Districts launch new websites, Discipleship Form


As part of the South Georgia Conference’s transition to six districts, Conference and district leaders have been hard at work developing tools and resources to better inform and equip South Georgia United Methodists.

Each district now has their own website, which includes news, calendars, church and clergy locators and much more.

Coastal District - www.coastaldistrictumc.org

North Central District - www.ncdumc.org

Northeast District - www.northeastdistrict-umc.org

Northwest District - www.northwestumcdistrict.org

South Central District - www.southcentralumc.org

Southwest District - www.southwestdistrictumc.org

In addition to the websites, a new, streamlined Discipleship Form has been created and launched. The new Discipleship Form, which will collect the same information from each church in the Conference, replaces individual district evangelism forms.

Access to each District's Discipleship Form can be found on the district websites.

This updated tool was created with collaboration and input from each district and includes the 20.1.5 discipleship reporting and evangelism information. All churches are required to submit a Discipleship Form by the fifth day of each month.
Information collected from the monthly Discipleship Form will help Bishop King, the Cabinet, and other Conference leaders assess the vitality and disciple-making efforts of the Annual Conference.