Fear Factor


From the Conference Witness Team

Do you remember your first time attending your church? It is easy to forget, or maybe you have grown up in your church and did not experience a “first time.” Regardless of how you became involved in your church – it is now “home.” It’s all too familiar.

Experiencing something for the very first time can be scary. Understand that visitors can be fearful and they often fear the unknown.

“Will I know when to sit or where to sit, stand and kneel or when to speak?”

“How are they taking Communion? How will I know what to do?”

“Will I be singled out as a visitor?”

If we really understand that visiting a church for the first time can create anxiety, those of us who are members or regular attendees will go out of our way to treat our guests thoughtfully to ease this anxiety and offer such gracious hospitality that they too will feel at home.

How would you interact with someone who is actually fearful about coming into your church? How could someone ease your fears if you were in their shoes? As you come to church, try to see everything as if it were your “first time,” or visit another church to help you sense what it is like … the awkwardness of not knowing others or where the restrooms are located.

It is good to remember our first time so we can relate to our visitors in a new and fresh way, meeting them where they are.