Five newly certified as ERT/Chainsaw Operators


Submitted by Luis O. Morales, South Georgia Conference Disaster Response Coordinator

On Saturday, Oct.3 2015, five members of Pierce Chapel United Methodist Church's Early Response Team (ERT) members met to learn about chainsaw operations. Under the leadership of Rick Dorer, these individuals reviewed not only how to safely operate chainsaws, but also what safety gear to wear while operating chainsaws. After several hours of classroom training, the group took the classroom outdoors. They took their chainsaws and, with the help of six “laborers,” cleared Ms. Marcia English's yard. She had several trees and limbs down from a previous windstorm. Together they cleaned the area by mid-afternoon. 

Congratulations to Kasey Harbuck, James “Mac” Wooldridge, Rick Wimberly, Steve Wimberly and Nathan Carr, the newest ERT/Chainsaw-certified volunteers, and a big thanks to Rick Dorer for a great training venue and experience.