Hagan, longtime Director of Administrative Services, set to retire


For more than 14 years, Miriam Hagan has faithfully served the South Georgia Annual Conference as Director of Administrative Services and Conference Treasurer. Set to retire Dec. 31, 2014, on Thursday, Nov. 20, family, friends and colleagues gathered in Macon to honor her.

“Miriam has given 14 and a half years of service to our annual conference,” said Rev. Jimmy Cason, chairman of the Conference’s Council on Finance and Administration (CF&A).

During the celebration, Rev. Mike McAfee, chairman of the Conference’s personnel committee, read a “Resolution of Gratitude and Thankfulness” that the personnel committee unanimously affirmed and approved at their Nov. 13, 2014, meeting.

Praising Hagan’s exemplary service and high moral and ethical standards, the resolution encouraged her to enjoy her “well-deserved” retirement.

“She has served faithfully across the years,” Rev. McAfee said.

During the evening, several friends, colleagues and family members expressed their love and appreciation for Hagan and her service.

“You have a deep knowledge of math but you have a deep loving heart for Christ,” said Bishop James King, episcopal leader of the South Georgia Conference.

A lifelong United Methodist who loves the Church, Hagan has deep roots in the South Georgia Conference. Her father, Rev. Carlton Carruth, served as a pastor, extension minister and chaplain for more than 60 years; her mother, Augusta Carruth, was president of the Conference’s United Methodist Women and a delegate to General and Jurisdictional Conferences; and her two sons, Rev. Scott Hagan and Rev. Kirk Hagan, serve as pastors in the Conference.

“No one loves the South Georgia Conference more than Miriam Hagan,” said Dr. Hugh Davis, who served as one of Hagan’s youth ministers.

“Miriam goes above and beyond her duties,” said Conference Lay Leader Gloria Morgan, who has served on the Conference’s personnel committee and the Council on Finance and Administration. “She always has time for people. She has worked tirelessly and she loves this Conference. We hate to see her go but are excited for her retirement.”



WHEREAS: Miriam Carruth Hagan has served the South Georgia Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church in the position of Conference Treasurer and Director of Administrative Services in an exemplary fashion for the past fourteen years, and

WHEREAS: Miriam’s work in an ever expanding area where the amounts of information, and learning Curve is constantly growing and the load of financial, legal, and administrative decision making is an enormous burden, and

WHEREAS: Miriam has such a high standard for her moral, ethical, and servant nature because of her love for the Lord, the United Methodist Church, and the South Georgia Annual Conference, that there never has been any question of loyalty, propriety, or commitment to her work and /or of her staff’s work and

WHEREAS: Miriam has chosen to enter her well earned and deserved retirement at the end of the calendar year of 2014.

That the Personnel Committee of the South Georgia Annual Conference in formal session November 13, 2014 unanimously affirmed and approved this resolution of Gratitude and Thankfulness for fourteen years of hard work and faithful, sacrificial service by Miriam Carruth Hagan as the Conference Treasurer and Director of Administrative Services, and

That we express gratitude to her husband, Dr. Dan Hagan, her two sons the Reverend Scott Hagan, and the Reverend Kirk Hagan and their families for the sacrifices experienced by the entire family as she served so completely and

That this committee encourages Miriam to immediately begin to enjoy all vacation and personal leave days and any other time available to her as she prepares for her well deserved retirement.

Signed this day November 13, 2014 by the Chairman of the South Georgia Annual Conference Personnel Committee.