Hanson appointed NRCD director


Rev. Jay Hanson

By Kara Witherow, Editor

Bishop James King announced today that Rev. Jay Hanson has been appointed as Director of South Georgia’s New and Revitalized Congregational Development (NRCD). Rev. Hanson will continue serving as lead pastor of The Chapel Ministries, formally known as Taylors Chapel Cooperative Parish, a unique three-campus church in Brunswick.

“I am pleased to announce the appointment of Reverend Jay Hanson to the position of Director of New and Revitalized Congregational Development (NRCD),” Bishop King said. “He will continue to serve as the senior pastor of The Chapel. Jay has already demonstrated a commitment to the development of new pastors and growing new churches. With his creative leadership style, we will continue to build upon our emphasis to grow a Christlike world through our investment in pastoral training and new faith communities, as well as the reinvigoration of traditional models.”

Rev. Hanson has served as The Chapel’s lead pastor since planting it in 2004. Passionate about training, resourcing, and equipping leaders and congregations, he looks forward to continuing the fruitful work of NRCD. His appointment follows former NRCD Executive Director Dr. Tim Bagwell’s retirement.

“I am very thankful for the work NRCD has accomplished in South Georgia under the leadership of Dr. Bagwell,” Rev. Hanson said. “Some of our Conference’s strongest congregations today did not even exist before NRCD began. It is a real honor and privilege to get to build on that foundation for the future. As I see it, the role of NRCD moving forward is to keep adding fuel to the fire by matching resources with potential.”  

The mission of New and Revitalized Congregational Development is to develop a supportive climate and to mobilize the South Georgia Conference in birthing and revitalizing faith communities. Rev. Hanson’s appointment will help further that mission, said Rev. Scott Tucker, chairman of the NRCD board and pastor of St. Mark United Methodist Church in Columbus. 

“I am happy that Bishop King has appointed Jay to serve as our director of Congregational Development,” Rev. Tucker said. “He has an enthusiasm for helping others embrace their spiritual gifts and potential. He has a deep love for the variety of ways we in South Georgia serve God faithfully. And he has the experience of planting a church that continues to lead people to Jesus.”

The Chapel has grown from its seven initial members to 517 partners in ministry and nearly 1,200 weekly worship attendees. With a focus on teaching, discipleship, and worship and a unique approach to church leadership and membership, The Chapel Ministries has seen steady growth since it began nearly 12 years ago.

“Jay is a very gifted leader and out-of-the-box thinker who will lead us well as our new NRCD Director,” said Dr. Wayne Moseley, superintendent of the Coastal District. “He not only has a passion to grow the Kingdom of God but has modeled this for us in his current ministry setting.  We are blessed to have him in this new leadership position!”

Rev. Hanson’s appointment was effective Jan. 1.