How a local church dollar was spent in 2014


By Dr. Derek McAleer, Director of Administrative Services

Ever wonder how the average dollar given to a local United Methodist Church in South Georgia gets spent? I took a look at the statistical tables filed by our local churches for 2014 and came up with some basic information. Here’s a chart:

The average local church kept 90 cents of every dollar for local church use, or to share with local church and other missions outside of UMC channels. Another half cent was given to conference or general church advance specials, which the local church chose. About 1 and 1/2 cents was given to local district missions and operations through the District Apportionments. The remaining 8 cents went to conference and general church apportionments.

I hope this helps you as you consider how God is calling your church to allocate the resources available to you as you plan your local church budget for 2016.

A chart of this is available as a PDF file and in an Excel spreadsheet, if you want copies to distribute to leaders in your local church. Email to request a copy.