John Wesley's Diary



John Wesley’s diary is one of the most outstanding diaries in English literature. He actually had two diaries. One was a series of small leather-bound volumes in which he wrote every hour. This diary was written in a personalized shorthand – a code. Then each week he would take these notes and write his journal in clear English sentences, paragraph style. He would often make copies of his journal and send them to friends. Some were published English papers so the public could keep track of his activities in Georgia. He kept these diaries most of his adult life, recording descriptions of places he visited, people he met, books he read, conversations he had, sermons he preached, etc. 

These diaries are one of the reasons we know so much about John Wesley. In addition to the diaries we learn a lot about John Wesley from his published sermons, his letters, and his magazine. Several of the diaries are missing and many believe John's wife Molly destroyed them in a fit of jealousy. 

John Wesley believed keeping a diary was a good spiritual discipline and a good way to manage your time in productive ways.