John Wesley's life at Lincoln College



On March 17, 1726, John Wesley was unanimously elected Fellow of Lincoln College. His father was so proud of him. Samuel Wesley wrote, “Wherever I go now, my son, Jackie, is a Fellow of Lincoln College…!”

At the College he taught Greek, Latin, Bible, Philosophy, and Logic. He gave lectures in “Natural Philosophy,” “Moral Philosophy,” and “Religion.” He served as moderator of the daily debates.

Later in life Wesley credited his work with the debates at Lincoln College for giving him skill in his own debates during his ministry.

Another advantage Wesley notes concerning his change to Lincoln College was that it gave him the opportunity to shed some of his old friends and make new ones. He determined not to make friends with anyone who would not contribute to the advancement of his spiritual life.

Wesley set fixed hours of work each morning and afternoon. Mondays and Tuesdays he read the Greek and Latin Classics; Wednesdays were devoted to logic and ethics; Thursdays to Hebrew and Arabic: Fridays to metaphysics and natural philosophy; Saturdays to oratory and poetry; and Sundays to divinity. Somewhere in there he worked in reading various other books and French.

It was during this period of his life that John discovered that he could sleep and rest better if he rose each day at 4 a.m.

John Wesley was very happy in his work at Lincoln College.