Judicial Council Docket for April 2013


The UM Judicial Council has posted the docket for its April meeting  on the council’s website. The meeting will take place in the denomination’s U.S. Western Jurisdiction, but the exact location has yet to be determined.

Here is a summary of the issues.

--Docket 0413-1—IN RE: Review of a Bishop’s Decision of Law in the Desert Southwest Annual Conference Regarding the Resolution Entitled “Inclusiveness Resolution”

--Docket 0413-2—IN RE: Review of a Bishop’s Decision of Law at the Western Jurisdictional Conference Regarding the Relationship Between ¶ 2711.2 and the Resolution “The Sense of the 2012 Western Jurisdictional Conference”

--Docket 0413-3—IN RE: Review of a Bishop’s Decision of Law at the Northeastern Jurisdictional Conference Regarding Rescission of Resignation from the Episcopal Office

--Docket 0413-4—Review of a Bishop’s Decision of Law in the Congo Central Conference Regarding Mandatory Retirement Age for Bishops in Light of ¶¶ 50, 408, and 543.3

--Docket 0413-5—IN RE: Request from the Western Pennsylvania Annual Conference for a Ruling on the Legality of Certain Financial Actions and the Complaint Process Regarding the East Africa Annual Conference in Light of ¶¶ 258.4f, 413, and 613.13

--Docket 0412-6—IN RE: Request for a Declaratory Decision by the Northern Nigeria Annual Conference and the Southern Nigeria Annual Conference as to the Meaning, Effect, and Application of ¶ 405 in the Election Process of the West Africa Central Conference

For further information, contact F. Belton Joyner, Jr., 1821 Hillandale Road, Suite 1B, PMB 334, Durham, NC 27705; judicialcouncil@umc.org