Maybe So ...


Dear Editor,

Our pastor here at Utmost United Methodist Church, Rev. Mostly Wright, is excited about new signage the Trustees are installing. Not only are interior signs included – directions, room names, and numbers – but outside signs, too. 

Major Day researched church road signs and discovered mistakes most churches make. Usually they include too much information and use small fonts. Irrelevant or non-welcoming information is often posted. Also, most churches leave the outdoor sign unchanged too long.

“I learned that passersby should be able to read the message in two to three seconds, assuming the traffic is moving at approximately the posted speed limit,” Day said. “Church members don’t realize that most people are not familiar with our church. So we have to educate and invite them in a flash.”

Happy Day said, “I went with Major to a couple of seminars for growing churches, and we learned a lot. One thing that caught my attention was a comment a speaker made. He said, ‘Our signs are not for us!’” 

Rev. Wright is especially pleased with the electronic sign. It is bright and can be seen easily and clearly. Multiple messages are shown quickly and can be changed often by computer.

Until next time,

Homer Heardmore
Rhodes Crossing, Ga.