Maybe So ...


Dear Editor,

Offering procedures are something of an issue here at Utmost United Methodist Church. I. M. Givin raised an interesting question a while back. He said, “I pay my pledge and other offerings online. But when the offering plate passes I don’t feel right about the witness it gives when I put nothing in on the rest of the Sundays. Since I travel a lot, online giving assures my tithe getting to the church on time.”

Major Day came up with a very good idea. He said, “Why don’t I print some cards for the pews and laminate them with the message, ‘I strongly support the church with my prayers, presence, gifts, and witness. I give my pledge at the first of the month. This card is a physical representation of my support.’ That way, I. M. and others can place the card in the offering plate as a witness to their stewardship.”

Our pastor, Rev. Mostly Wright said, “This is a great idea. We will put the cards in pew racks with offering envelopes. Then I. M. and others may use them in witness to their stewardship.”

Every Sunday since the cards were prepared, more appear in the offering.

Until next time …

Homer Heardmore
Rhodes Crossing, Ga.