Maybe So ...


Dear Editor, 

One of our members, new to The United Methodist Church, wanted to plan a “Birthday Party for Jesus,” for Christmas Eve. Apparently the idea was kicked around right after Thanksgiving. After the second Sunday of Advent, someone mentioned “Birthday Party for Jesus” plans were under way.

Shirley Goodness said, “Oh! That sounds so sweet! Just think, the baby Jesus surrounded with all those birthday presents!” Someone then asked about presents. Several comments were made that maybe a baby shower would be good.

Our pastor, Rev. Mostly Wright said, “Let’s take a look at what we are doing here. What message are we sending? It is difficult enough for children, and some adults, to separate the images of baby Jesus and Santa Claus. First of all, we do not celebrate the birthday of Jesus; we celebrate the birth of Jesus. There is a huge difference. Then the addition of physical presents further confuses the issue.”

Barry Tone, our music director, said; “In the season of Advent everything we do ties into that one theme – the birth of Jesus. That means we focus on expectancy, God’s love, and the possibility of Jesus being born in each of us.”

Rev. Wright said, “Let’s stick with Barry’s plan!”

Until next time …

Homer Heardmore
Rhodes Crossing, Ga.