Maybe So ...


Dear Editor, 

Children’s time here at Utmost United Methodist Church is often sprinkled with humor. Usually our pastor, Rev. Mostly Wright, does it. But during Christmas he had other staff members take a turn. 

Barry Tone had one of the most interesting ones. In a very engaging manner he told the story of the Nativity. The children entered the story with enthusiasm. In the familiar parts and Barry asked them to fill in the “blanks.” 

The congregation was as engaged as the children. When he got to the part about the Wise Men, Barry said, “The Wise Men had seen this unusual star. They knew it meant something special. So they followed it until it tinkled over the manger where Jesus lay...” 

When Barry said “...tinkled over the manger…” two of the children snickered. Barry looked puzzled but went on with the story. It wasn’t until afterward when
Rev. Wright repeated it that Barry knew why they were amused. My, was he embarrassed!

Rev Wright said, “It is easy to let a slip of the tongue get you in trouble. I once complimented a couple on their lovely grandchildren. As it turns out they were their own children, born late in life.”

Until next time…

Homer Heardmore
Rhodes Crossing, Ga.